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Zhang Xichun: Milkvetch Root tonifies Qi and lifts depression


Zhang Xichun said that Milkvetch Root "has the best effect of invigorating Qi". He said, "Milkvetch Root is the main medicine of qi, which can nourish qi and raise qi." Its main effect is to invigorate qi and raise qi. When used properly, it can also restore yang, relieve stagnation, wake up spleen, and nourish yin.


Zhang Xichuns Shengzhang Decoction (6 qian for raw Milkvetch Root, 3 qian for Anemarrhena, 1 qian for Bupleurum, 1 qian for platycodon root, 1 qian for Cimicifuga), is designed for the depression of the chest, and it is still used to invigorate Qi. A recipe for ups and downs. The derived Huiyang Shengxian Decoction, Liyu Shengxian Decoction, Xingpi Shengxian Decoction, etc. all use Milkvetch Root as the main medicine. As for Shengyin, it is combined with Bupleurum, Cimicifuga, and Campanulaceae; for Huiyang, it is combined with dried ginger and cinnamon sticks; for Li Yu, it is combined with frankincense and myrrh; wait. If it is combined with Anemarrhena, Milkvetch Root warms up and nourishes qi, Anemarrhena is cold and nourishes yin, and the two medicines are used together, "there is a great effect of yang and yin, and the cloud and rain."


Zhang Xichun regards Milkvetch Root as the key medicine for refreshing cerebral palsy. For internal and external apoplexy, he proposed Zhufeng Decoction, Modified Huangqi Wuwu Decoction, and Modified Yupingfeng San; Bunao Zhenwei Decoction and Qiwei Decoction; Zhufeng Tongbi Decoction is used to treat numbness caused by wind attacking muscle meridians; all the above prescriptions use Milkvetch Root as the main medicine; and Danggui Buxue Decoction is added to treat cerebral anemia. Reuse one or two Milkvetch Root to treat it.


Zhang Xichun also used Milkvetch Root for liver qi deficiency. He said from the principle of "the unity of man and nature": "The liver belongs to wood and should respond to the order of spring. Originally, it has the magical function of seeking the same qi. Since the clinical trial, when the liver qi is weak and cannot be regulated, all the medicines for nourishing the liver are ineffective. Milkvetch Root is mainly used, and Shaozuo uses Qi-regulating products. Take it and cover the cup to see the effect test."


Zhang Xichun is also good at using Milkvetch Root to treat various gynecological diseases. Such as Yuzhuo Decoction for treating cold and heat, Lichong Decoction for amenorrhea, Anchong Decoction for excessive menstrual flow, Guchong Decoction for blood metrorrhagia, Hexuexifeng Decoction for postpartum convulsions, and Shengganshu for Yin Ting Yu Decoction, Ziru Decoction with less milk, etc., all use Milkvetch Root as the main medicine, ranging from three qian to as much as one and two halves. To treat postpartum diseases, add Milkvetch Root to Shenghua Decoction; to treat women's lumps, take Milkvetch Root, Sanleng, Curcuma, and Chicken Neijin; to treat female fetal malposition, use Cimicifuga and Huangqi Decoction.


Among Zhang Xichun's prescriptions with Milkvetch Root as the main medicine, there are also Xiaoyu Pills for treating scrofula, and Neituo Shengji Powder for treating scrofula after ulcer rupture. The dosage of Milkvetch Root is four liang. He believes that Milkvetch Root should be used raw so that it can "invigorate qi to grow muscles" and achieve the effect of "reinforcing the middle and promoting circulation". (All are selected from "Medical Compassion in Chinese and Western Records")

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