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What Licorice Can Do Recipes


1. Licorice tablet is a mild traditional Chinese medicine with a sweet taste. After eating licorice tablets, it can invigorate qi and kidney, especially because people with qi deficiency often eat licorice tablets to play a greater role, and licorice tablets will not have obvious side effects.


2. Licorice tablets have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving depression and reducing dryness, and can protect the liver. The liver is a traditional Chinese medicine organ for our body to excrete toxins. It is often damaged by some living habits, such as drinking and eating indiscriminately. Taking licorice tablets like this can harmonize the liver, prevent liver damage, and help the liver detoxify. Therefore, licorice tablets are a kind of liver-clearing medicine.


3. Licorice tablets can also play a role in reconciling and alleviating the properties of other drugs. If you are taking other drugs, you can take some licorice tablets accordingly in order to reduce the damage caused by the drugs to your body.


4. Licorice tablets have the effect of relieving cough and reducing phlegm. Cough is a relatively common minor disease, but if you eat too much, it may cause the disease to expand and affect your overall health. Therefore, people with cough can eat some licorice tablets in the early stage, which can effectively eliminate phlegm and relieve cough.


Therapeutic side



Ganmai jujube steamed bun



Materials: 100g jujube, 50g raw licorice, 500-1000g flour.


Method: Boil raw licorice in water to remove slag, knead the noodles, make jujube paste with 100g of jujubes, mix it into the noodles, and knead until the surface is smooth. The cloth is fermented, kneaded after fermentation to remove the gas, and made into a round dough. Serve immediately after steaming.


Ganmai jujube steamed bun is effective for some women who are sad for no reason, cry frequently or have high mental stress. They are often not interested in anything, irritable, nervous and inexplicably sad. At this time, you might as well try Ganmai jujube steamed bun.






1. This product can help the disadvantages of dampness and qi, and it is not suitable for people with excessive dampness, fullness and edema.


2. Long-term use of large doses can lead to water and sodium retention and edema.


3. When taking licorice-containing preparations, you must strictly follow the instructions of the medicine. If you feel any discomfort during the medicine, stop taking the medicine and see a doctor in time.


4. This product has a certain detoxification effect on poisoning caused by aconite and other drugs and food. For patients with drug or food poisoning, this product can be used as an auxiliary detoxification first aid while actively sending them to the hospital for emergency treatment.


5. Among the eighteen anti-compatibility taboos of traditional Chinese medicine, licorice is against kansui, euphorbia, seaweed, and genkwa. Therefore, if licorice is used improperly and is useless, it will also lead to mistreatment.

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