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What kind of person can't eat ginger


The efficacy and role of ginger


Ginger can achieve the effect of increasing appetite. It contains aromatic volatile oil and fiber starch, which can relieve physical fatigue and abdominal distension and abdominal pain symptoms. It can achieve the effect of strengthening the stomach and make the appetite stronger.


Ginger can also resist bacteria and prevent diseases. In hot summer, the weather is very hot, so the bacteria multiply very quickly. At this time, acute gastroenteritis is easy to occur. At this time, you can eat some ginger appropriately Or make some tea with ginger to drink, which can prevent gastrointestinal diseases and effectively kill the pathogenic bacteria in the mouth.


Eating some ginger can also make your appetite better. In summer, everyone likes to eat cold things, and they can turn on the air conditioner. Drinking some ginger and brown sugar water at this time can clear the cold in the body and refresh you The effect of refreshing the brain. When fainting occurs due to heatstroke, drinking a glass of ginger juice can also wake up quickly, and the effect is also very good.


What are the contraindications of ginger


People with yin deficiency constitution must not eat ginger


When eating ginger, there are certain people who are contraindicated. The first thing to be careful is people with yin deficiency. This kind of people is also our common dry and hot physique. Generally speaking, this kind of people often show feverish hands, feet, palms and sweaty palms. Love to drink water, often have dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, upset and irritability, and poor sleep, while ginger is pungent and warm, and people with yin deficiency will aggravate the symptoms of yin deficiency, which has a great impact on our health. Not good for everyone's health.


People with severe internal heat should not eat ginger


Pay attention when eating ginger. If we suffer from lung heat, dry cough, stomach heat, vomiting, bad breath, bleeding hemorrhoids, frostbite and other diseases, then it is not suitable for these people to eat ginger. If it is a febrile illness, when eating ginger, it must be compatible with cold and cool medicines to neutralize the heat of ginger, so as to avoid the impact of ginger on our health.


Hepatitis patients should not eat ginger


In addition to the ginger taboo groups introduced above, we should pay attention to eating ginger. For friends with liver diseases, ginger is not suitable for eating, especially hepatitis patients must avoid eating ginger, mainly because we often eat Ginger can cause excessive anger in the liver. If you want to restrain the anger caused by eating ginger, you can choose some foods that can soothe the liver and regulate qi, such as drinking hawthorn and chrysanthemum bubble tea, so that you can eliminate the dryness and heat caused by ginger without hurting the body, otherwise we will damage our liver. The health impact is huge.

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