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What is the correct way of soaking Milkvetch Root in water


Old Chinese doctors suggest that office workers should drink some Milkvetch Root water every day. This will not only improve the body's physique and immunity, but also promote the health of the spleen and stomach, lung deficiency, etc. It is good for physical fatigue, cough and shortness of breath It also has a good therapeutic effect on colds.


If you feel that your pressure is very high and your body is getting more and more tired, then drinking some Milkvetch Root water can make your body full of energy; It is unbearable for beautiful women. If you want to improve this situation, you only need to soak a cup of Milkvetch Root water to restore your appearance beautifully; Soak safflower in water and take it for a long time, and the skin will become fairer and fairer.


How to eat Milkvetch Root


Taking Milkvetch Root should be taken under the guidance of a doctor, according to different personal constitutions. There are many ways to eat Milkvetch Root, here are a few:


1. Use about 30 grams of Milkvetch Root every day, decoct in water and take it. Or decoct it in water and drink it as tea. Use 30 grams of Milkvetch Root membranaceus, add 15 grams of medlar, decoct in water and take it, the effect is better for people with weak Qi and blood.


2. Take about 50 grams of Milkvetch Root, and after decocting, use the decocted soup to cook rice or porridge, which will become Milkvetch Root rice or Milkvetch Root porridge, which is also very beneficial.


3. Some people like to put some Milkvetch Root when roasting meat, chicken, or duck to increase the nourishing effect, and the effect is also good.


Milkvetch Root Side Effects


The most common side effects are the rapid appearance of "burning" symptoms, such as flushing, upset, poor sleep or insomnia, sore throat, increased blood pressure or dizziness, etc., and even aggravate or reverse the condition. Because of the above-mentioned shortcomings of Milkvetch Root membranaceus, Zhang Zhongjing, who is respected as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, used ginseng (mainly Codonopsis pilosula) very widely in his classic work "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" to invigorate qi, while only a few people used Milkvetch Root membranaceus. It can be seen that the medical sage deeply understands that Milkvetch Root medicine is difficult to use and should not be abused.


History and Legend of Milkvetch Root


According to legend, there was a kind old man named Dai Giao in the Qing Dynasty. He is good at acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, he is kind and humble, and he is willing to help others all his life. Later, he died because he rescued the child who fell off the cliff. The old man is thin and has light yellow facial muscles. People respect the old man and call him "Huangqi". The herbal medicine with antiperspirant, diuresis, swelling, detoxification and muscle growth is called "Milkvetch Root", and many patients have been treated with it, and it is widely spread among the people.


The above is some knowledge about Milkvetch Root.

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