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What is Houttuynia cordata?


Houttuynia cordata has a slightly pungent aroma, also known as a foul smell, and is a common plant in the wild. Although it is common and commonly used in folk dishes, Houttuynia cordata has a wide range of uses for curing diseases, and the effect is very good. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, Houttuynia cordata is slightly cold in nature and has the following effects:


Can clear away heat and detoxify.



Anti-inflammatory, is a very common cold medicine.

Houttuynia cordata is a very important medicine for patients with cold-induced sore throat, cough, chest pain, yellow purulent sputum, yellow-green runny nose, etc.

In addition, Houttuynia cordata can also treat some suppurative skin diseases caused by excessive heat and toxin in the body. It is often used together with dandelion for carbuncle, swelling and purulent conditions, such as suppurative folliculitis caused by infection.

Houttuynia cordata can also help to eliminate dampness and heat in the body. If urination is not smooth, urination is astringent and painful, women have yellowish white discharge, and diarrhea caused by acute infection, it is the time to use Houttuynia cordata.


How to make Houttuynia tea? If you want to treat a cold, it is recommended to brew/drink this way 10+10

What are the ways to eat Houttuynia cordata? If you want to treat a cold, you can also brew Houttuynia cordata tea: take 10 grams of dried Houttuynia cordata, brew it in hot water for 10 minutes and drink it. For the first attack of a cold, the throat is a bit strange, and when the fever starts, it is most suitable to exert the effect of Houttuynia cordata. Usually, if there is acne and festering that does not subside, or if you have repeated colds, you will have a sore throat every day. People who are troubled by these problems can also brew Houttuynia cordata tea by themselves. However, some people think that the smell of Houttuynia cordata is pungent, so it is recommended to add two or three slices of licorice to alleviate the smell.


Although Houttuynia cordata is very useful in treating diseases, it is rarely used alone when the symptoms are severe. For example, in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, which is of great concern to the public recently, Houttuynia cordata is usually used together with other traditional Chinese medicines for reducing phlegm, reducing fever, clearing away heat and detoxification, and the dosage will be relatively large.


Contraindications/disadvantages of Houttuynia cordata: It is not suitable for people who are weak and afraid of cold to drink every day!

Can Houttuynia be drunk every day? I would like to remind everyone that Houttuynia cordata is cold after all, so it is not recommended to drink it as tea every day, especially for people with weak Qi and blood and easy to be afraid of cold, drinking it will not benefit the body. It is recommended to take it when there are clear symptoms or after further consultation with professional Chinese medicine practitioners.

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