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What are the functions of Maitake


Maitake, also known as Polyporus frondosa, Chestnut mushroom, Lotus fungus, Grifola foliage, Thousand Buddha bacteria, Cloud mushroom, Maitake mushroom, is the fruiting body of Polypolyporaceae fungus.


Sweet in the mouth; flat in nature.


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Return spleen, urinary bladder channel.




Functions and Indications




Replenishing qi and invigorating the spleen, tonifying deficiency and strengthening the body.




Indicates deficiency of the spleen and weak Qi, physical fatigue and fatigue, mental fatigue and laziness, decreased diet, abdominal distension after eating, tumor patients with the above symptoms after radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Can heat-clearing and toxic substances removing, detumescence, suppress sore. Indications for bloated or ulcerated sores, skin sores, red bayberry sores. It has anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-aging, promotion of gonadal function, prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity suppression, two-way regulation of blood pressure, treatment of arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis, etc. Oral administration can beautify and moisturize the skin, delay the appearance of age spots, increase appetite, and improve immunity , enhance memory and other health care functions. The extract of Maitake has the effect of resisting HIV, treating breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and relieving pain.


1. Maitake is rich in iron, copper, vitamin C, selenium, chromium, calcium, vitamin D and other substances, and has extremely high health care functions:




Inhibit high blood pressure and obesity.


Its high content of selenium and chromium can protect the liver and pancreas, prevent liver cirrhosis and diabetes; the high content of selenium also has the function of preventing and treating Keshan disease, Kaschin-Beck disease and some heart diseases.


It contains both calcium and vitamin D, and the combination of the two can effectively prevent and treat rickets.


Higher zinc content is beneficial to brain development, maintains sharp vision, and promotes wound healing.


Combined with high content of vitamin E and selenium, it can resist aging, enhance memory and sensitivity.


Because it is rich in iron, copper and vitamin C, it can prevent anemia, scurvy, vitiligo, prevent arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis.




2. Maitake is also an eye-catching source of anticancer drugs.




On the one hand, the higher selenium content has the effect of preventing cancer, especially the Maitake polysaccharide (Grifolan) contained, mainly β-glucan (glucan), among which the anti-cancer activity is the strongest, with 6 branches Chain β-(1,3)-glucan accounts for a considerable proportion; at the same time it is an excellent immunomodulator. As a traditional Chinese medicine, Maitake and Polyporus equivalence can cure dysuria, edema, beriberi, liver cirrhosis, ascites and diabetes, etc. It is a very valuable medicinal fungus. In particular, the effective active ingredient D-fraction extracted from Maitake has a strong anti-cancer effect. Animal experiments and clinical experiments have shown that D-fraction exerts anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects through the following aspects:


Activate immune cells such as phagocytes, natural killer cells, and killer T cells, and induce the secretion of cytokines such as leukin, interferon-γ, and tumor necrosis factor-α.


Induce cancer cell apoptosis.


Combined use with traditional chemotherapeutic drugs (mitomycin, carmustine, etc.) can not only increase the efficacy of the drug, but also reduce the side effects during chemotherapy.


It has a synergistic effect with immunotherapy drugs (interferon-α2b).


Relieve the pain of patients with advanced cancer, increase appetite, and improve the quality of life of patients.


3. The α-glucan component is effective against influenza.




Studies have shown that the active ingredient α-glucan contained in Maitake can help improve the body's immunity to influenza and improve the treatment effect of influenza. Experiments have proved that α-glucan effectively enhances the immune function of experimental mice against influenza. Next, the researchers will further verify the therapeutic effect of this substance on various types of influenza.

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