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The way to eat Milkvetch Root


Milkvetch Root is a common Chinese herbal medicine. There are many ways to eat it. It is the most convenient way to soak it in water. So how to soak Milkvetch Root in water?
There is a folklore that "drink Milkvetch Root soup often, prevent disease and protect health", which means that often soaking water with Milkvetch Root as tea has a good effect on disease prevention and health care. Milkvetch Root tea can invigorate the middle and cover Qi, and it is not greasy. It can improve Qi deficiency and anemia, enhance physical fitness, and prolong life. If it is brewed with Chinese wolfberry, Codonopsis pilosula, Fuqin and other medicinal materials, the effect will be even better.

We can usually drink Milkvetch Root in water, just like making scented tea, just put a few slices of Milkvetch Root in boiled water. If conditions permit, we can also boil Milkvetch Root membranaceus in hot water, so that the medicinal properties can be better exerted.

Suffering from oral ulcers, the mouth hurts badly, at this time, soaking Milkvetch Root in water alone can work. If patients with oral ulcers are accompanied by symptoms such as physical drowsiness, weakness, shortness of breath, sweating, and repeated colds, it is best to choose Radix Milkvetch Root to soak in water, and the usual dosage is 10-15 grams; Choose raw Milkvetch Root soaked in water to drink, the usual dosage is 6-9 grams, and it will be effective on the same day.

Soaking Milkvetch Root in water is also very particular. It is best to choose boiled water that has just been boiled, so that the nutrients contained in Milkvetch Root can be better soaked. However, soaking in water can only soak out about four-tenths of the medicinal effect of Milkvetch Root. If you want to maximize the benefits, then boiling it in a clean pot is the best choice. The specific method of taking Milkvetch Root is as follows:

① Wash the Milkvetch Root membranaceus, put it in a pot and boil it, and then drink it instead of tea, which can improve your physical fitness very well.

② Prepare Milkvetch Root and Lycium barbarum according to the ratio of 2:1, and then decoct it with water, which is very suitable for some patients with Qi and blood deficiency.

③Put the Milkvetch Root into the pot to fry the soup, and then cook the porridge with the liquid medicine. The Milkvetch Root porridge made in this way not only tastes good, but also has a great effect of nourishing the body.

④ Add a small amount of Milkvetch Root to stewing meat, such as duck, chicken and pork, which can also increase the nourishing effect.

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