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The Records of the Effects of Notoginseng in Pharmacopoeias of Past Dynasties


"Compendium of Materia Medica New Edition" records:

"Sanqi root is the magic medicine for hemostasis. Regardless of the blood in the upper, middle and lower parts, if there is any excess, it will be effective if it is used alone, and it will be even more effective if it is added to the qi and blood medicine. This medicine can be tonic but not The trouble of boiling is to make up the red and have a quiet rest."

Panax notoginseng (commonly used medicinal part)

"Yuyan Yaojie" records:

Notoginseng can "harmonize the blood to stop bleeding, unblock the meridians and promote blood stasis, promote blood stasis and promote new blood. All postpartum, menstrual periods, bruises, carbuncles, all blood stasis are broken; all vomiting, metrorrhagia, knife wounds, arrow wounds , all new blood will stop."

"Materia Medica Huiyan" records:

"Panax notoginseng tastes sweet and slightly bitter, mild in nature, and non-toxic."

"Materia Medica Seeking Truth" records:

"Sanqi, people in the world only know the function of stopping bleeding and relieving pain. They don't know that pain is caused by blood stasis, and blood stops due to application. The smell of Sanqi is bitter and warm, and it can differentiate blood stasis in blood."

"Compendium of Materia Medica Supplements" records:

"Ginseng is the first in nourishing qi, Sanqi is the first in nourishing blood, the taste is the same and the power is equal, so it is called ginseng and notoginseng, and it is the most precious of traditional Chinese medicine."

"Medical Hearts of Chinese and Western Records" records:

"Sanqi, various schools talk a lot about warm nature, but just take the last few coins, and no one feels warm. It is good at dispelling blood stasis, and good at stopping bleeding. It is an important medicine for bleeding. It will not leave blood stasis after recovery. In the channels and collaterals, the syndrome becomes asthenia (if the blood is stopped by medicine, the blood stasis and meridian will become blood stasis and asthenia). Also treat: blood in the stool, bleeding in women, dysentery and new red blood that does not heal after a long time (it should be used with crows guts together), the intestines are rotten and soaked into ulcers. The diarrhea is purple and smelly, mixed with lipid membranes, which is the membranes that are rotten to wear (Sanqi can decompose and regenerate, so it can be cured). It is good at removing blood stasis , so it is also good at treating women's lumps in the abdomen, irregular menstruation, removing blood stasis without hurting new blood, and it is allowed to be a wonderful product for regulating blood. External use is good at treating golden sores, and the end of it is applied to wounds, which can immediately relieve pain and heal blood. If traumatic injury, internal Pain in viscera, viscera, meridians and collaterals can be relieved by applying it (equally divided with rhubarb powder, mixed with vinegar and applied)." He also said: "Any sore whose poison lies in the bone can use Sanqi to remove it."

The 1912 edition of "Chinese Medicine Dictionary" records:

"The function of Panax notoginseng enriches blood, removes bruises, stops bleeding and bleeds, can tonify energy, has the best effect, and is the most precious of all prescriptions. Sanqi is eaten raw, removes blood stasis and regenerates newborns, reduces swelling and relieves pain, and has the effect of stopping bleeding without leaving stasis Blood, blood circulation does not harm the new advantages; cooked food can benefit the body."

The effect of dilating blood vessels;

(3) It has a strong analgesic effect, has the functions of anti-fatigue, and improving learning and memory;

(4) anti-inflammatory effect;

(5) It has the function of an immunomodulator, which can restore the immune response that is too high or too low to normal, but does not interfere with the normal immune response of the body;

(6) anti-tumor effect;

(7) anti-aging, anti-oxidation;

(8) Lower blood fat and cholesterol;

(9) Protect the liver.

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