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The efficacy and role of maitake


Maitake is also known as Grifola frondosa, which is a very common Chinese herbal medicine. Grifola frondosa fruiting bodies are fleshy, short-stalked, coral-like branches, with fan-shaped to spoon-shaped caps at the end, overlapping into clumps, the large clumps are 40-60 cm wide and weigh 3-4 kg; the cap diameter is 2-7 cm , gray to light brown. The surface is finely haired, smooth with age, with reflective streaks, thin margins, and inward curls. Bacteria flesh white, 2-7mm thick.

Bacterial tubes are 1-4 mm long, with elongated tube pores, white to light yellow pore surface, polygonal orifice, with an average of 1-3 per mm. The spores are colorless, smooth, ovoid to elliptic. Mycelium wall is thin, branched, with septum, without clavicle.

Grifola frondosa forms sclerotium in adverse environment. The sclerotium is irregular in shape, long and massive, with uneven surface, tan, hard, and the surface of the section is tan, semi-lignified, and white inside. The fruiting body grows from the top of the sclerotia of the year.


Most people dont know it, but it has many effects. Generally, using this product can prevent cancer and lower cholesterol. Therefore, we must first understand the specific function of the product, and then operate it. Lets take a look at the efficacy and function of Maitake mushroom.


1. Hypoglycemia


Maitake has the effect of lowering blood sugar. An ingredient in it can reduce insulin health and increase insulin sensitivity, so people with diabetes can achieve the effect of lowering blood sugar when using it.


2. Lower blood pressure


Maitake mushrooms also have the effect of lowering blood pressure. Some people make maitake mushrooms into powder and then drink them. People with high blood pressure can lower blood pressure. Nowadays, many people have high blood pressure due to improper diet, so this product can also be used to lower blood pressure.



3. Lose weight


Maitake mushrooms contain β-glucan, which can laxative and excrete excess fat and waste from the body. Therefore, obese people can choose to use this product. It can increase the feeling of fullness and relieve Weight, can achieve the effect of losing weight.


4. Anticancer


Some components in maitake mushroom can inhibit tumor growth, and it has strong cell activity, can increase immune cells, and can prevent cancer cell growth, so it has anti-cancer effects.



5. Anti-virus


Maitake can also increase the anti-viral effect. It can inhibit influenza virus or herpes simplex virus. If you have these conditions in your body, you can choose to use this product for conditioning.


6. Improve immunity


Maitake can enhance human immunity, mainly because some components in it can activate human T cells and polyester cells, helping the immune system to quickly resist diseases and repair tissue damage.


The functions and functions of Maitake mushrooms have been introduced above. I hope that you will follow the usage and dosage as introduced in the instructions when using it. You should also note that this product is not suitable for minors, and special groups such as pregnant women and breastfeeding should not use it, so as not to Improper operation can affect health, so be careful when using it.

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