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The efficacy and role of ginger


Ginger, belonging to herbaceous plants, belongs to Zingiberaceae, has a pungent fragrance and is warm in nature. The shape of ginger is irregular, the size is different, and it is not uniform. Generally, it is not eaten directly. In most cases, it is used in dishes, medicine or tea.


Ginger likes to be warm and humid, but has weak heat resistance. In China, ginger is mostly planted in the southwest to southeast, and in the middle, such as Shandong, Xianning, Dazhi, Echeng and other regions. In foreign countries, ginger is also mostly planted. in tropical Asia.


Ginger is not only of high nutritional value, but also an ingredient with both medicine and food. Ginger has many effects and functions, such as warming up the body, relieving symptoms of cold hands and feet, relieving dysmenorrhea symptoms, increasing appetite, reducing phlegm and relieving cough, clearing heat and detoxification, etc., so it is very popular among consumers, and the famous dishes related to ginger There are also many, such as ginger soup, the very famous ginger milk in Guangdong, and so on.


What are the effects and functions of ginger? Ginger is widely used among the people because it contains volatile zingerone and zingerol, which have the functions of promoting blood circulation, dispelling cold, dehumidification, and sweating. Therefore, there is a saying that "prepare ginger at home, don't panic if you get sick". The specific functions of ginger are:


1. Increase appetite. Eating ginger can stimulate gastric mucosa, promote gastrointestinal digestion, improve appetite, and increase appetite.


2. Stop vomiting. Ginger is rich in zingiberone and zingiberene. Eating ginger and supplementing these two elements can effectively stop vomiting.


3. Sober up. Ginger is rich in potassium and has a pungent aroma. Drunken people who eat ginger can clear their minds and keep their emotions stable.


4. Warm up the body. Ginger also has the most significant effect, that is, it can dispel cold, relieve the symptoms of cold body, and achieve the effect of warming up the body.


5. Dehumidification and detoxification. The humidity in spring in the south is relatively heavy, and it is easy to "spring sleepiness". Decreased sleep quality and decreased gastrointestinal function can easily cause endocrine imbalance, affect facial complexion, and make it dull. The nature of ginger to relieve the exterior and dispel cold can dispel "wind evil" and "damp evil", regulate the internal circulation of the human body, and improve skin color.


6. Remove acne marks and spots. In spring, the climate is humid, and the function of metabolism is strengthened. Dust in the air is easy to adhere to the skin and cause acne. After the inflammation of skin acne subsides, it often leads to hyperpigmentation, old and dull acne marks, which are really unsightly. Ginger contains some plant volatile oil components, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate skin repair damage, and achieve the effect of removing acne marks and spots.

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