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The Efficacy and Indications of Ginger


Diffuse wind chill
Ginger has a strong sweating power. "Compendium of Materia Medica" says: "Use raw to diverge, and use it to harmonize." Poison etc. If you have a mild cold, you can take it with ginger decoction and brown sugar alone, and it can often be relieved by sweating. Ginger can also be used to prevent colds.

Warming to stop vomiting
"On the Nature of Medicine" says that ginger "stops vomiting and can't eat". Ginger can warm the stomach and harmonize the middle, reduce adverse reactions and stop vomiting. It is used for wind-cold and vomiting. It is often used together with Pinellia, such as Xiaobanxia Decoction. Due to the strong anti-vomiting power of ginger, it can also be used with Zhuru and Coptis chinensis for fever and vomiting, or it can be used alone.

Warming the lungs and relieving cough
"Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals" claims that ginger "clears the orifices and sharpens the lung qi, and relieves coughing". Ginger is pungent and warm into the lung meridian, so it can warm the lungs and dispel cold and relieve cough. It is spicy and can promote water vapor and dissolve phlegm. It is used for wind-cold cough and lung-cold phlegm-drink cough. , but the efficacy of ginger in treating lung-cold cough is inferior to that of dried ginger.

Other functions
Ginger warms and nourishes yang, and when used together with jujube, which nourishes and nourishes yin, it can harmonize yin and yang, treat the disharmony between yin and yang, and spontaneous sweating due to surface deficiency, such as Guizhi Decoction.

Ginger can detoxify fish and crabs. It can be used alone or with perilla. When cooking fish, crabs and seafood, ginger can be added to cook together. It has the effect of dispelling cold and relieving fishy smell.

In addition, ginger can detoxify the poison of Pinellia and South Star, and take it in decoction. Therefore, when processing Pinellia and Nanxing, ginger is often used together to reduce their toxicity, and taking ginger juice can also relieve it.

Ginger peel helps reduce swelling, treat dysuria and edema.

Hangzhou Botanical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. We offer more than three hundred varieties, including traditional chinese medicinal herb, herbal tea material, spice, and also botanical material for health food/drink.

We can manufacture and process raw material according to the specifications of our customer into different sizes and extracts.

We implement strict quality control on raw material collection, production, delivery and storage stages. Furthermore, based on clients’ bespoke requirements, we also analyze the heavy metal, pesticide residue, and also other factors according to professional standards such as Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia etc., to ensure the safety of our final products.

The quality and effect of plants could be various due to different environments which they live in, e.g. sunshine durations and climates, etc. Hence the history and suitability of origins for botanical materials are extremely important. We commit to selecting authentic materials form their corresponding origins, taking customized requirements into accounts.

If you have a demand for ginger and other Chinese medicinal materials, you can browse our webpage for more information. Welcome your consultation.

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