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The difference between raw licorice and roasted licorice


Raw licorice


Raw licorice is directly dried and sliced to make decoction pieces. Because it will not be processed during the period, it has the strongest congenital nature. Red on the outside and yellow on the inside, away from the Kun soil, the yin energy in the soil is the strongest, its taste is sweet and cool, good at clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving spasms and relieving pain.


In the prescriptions for treating febrile diseases caused by exogenous factors or internally caused febrile diseases, it can achieve the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. Because of its obvious sweet taste, although the dosage is small, the palliative effect of sweetness is not on the disease, but conveyed to the formula itself. Therefore, in the heat-clearing formula, although the licorice also has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, the more important thing is to choose the other. The nature of "relaxation" alleviates the disadvantages of rapid and violent medicinal power in Qingre prescriptions or warming prescriptions, so that the medicinal power can be slowly developed, and the evils can be exhausted without harming the righteousness, or it can give the righteousness room to recover. This is the reason why raw licorice harmonizes the medicinal properties.


Roasted licorice



Honey roasted licorice is processed by adding honey during the processing of licorice. Licorice itself is sweet, but now it also has the sweetness of honey. Its sweetness is greater than that of fried licorice. It is warm but not dry.


It is often used in the treatment of internal injuries, coughs, or other yin damage diseases. It is roasted with honey to increase its sweet taste, so it can take good care of the middle Qi and increase the mildness of sweet taste. For the treatment of internal injury diseases, if the spleen and stomach in the middle energizer are deficient, or the medicine is harsh, or the medicine is obviously mixed with cold and heat, the heavy, sweet and slow medicine should be used.


However, although this medicine has the effect of relieving stress, and because it is a greasy product, even if the dosage is small, it should not be used for a long time, for fear that the greasy taste will hinder the stomach and affect the absorption of the drug instead. With this great slowing power, the medicine enters the stomach through the meridian, and enters through the meridian without losing its normality, so it is called harmonizing all medicines.


When Chinese medicine prescribes clinical prescriptions, it pays great attention to the raw and roasted licorice. For those who write "licorice" in the prescription, the pharmacy will use raw licorice to prescribe it. When the patient has a weak spleen and stomach, he often uses roasted licorice. This is because the licorice has been prepared with honey, and its warming and tonic power is enhanced.


Application of licorice



Licorice can be used alone or in combination with other medicines. For example, Erchen Decoction for damp phlegm and cough, Linggan Wuwei Jiangxin Decoction for cold phlegm, cough and asthma, Sangxing Decoction for dry phlegm and cough, Jugeng Decoction for lung abscess, cough, saliva and foul-smelling purulent phlegm caused by heat-toxin, cough Salivating licorice and dried ginger soup, etc. In addition, wind-heat cough, wind-cold cough, and heat-phlegm cough are often used in combination.


In terms of medical use, licorice is very suitable for thin people, especially those with thin, weak or even atrophied muscles are all indications for using licorice. This is because there is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that "spleen governs muscles", and symptoms such as muscle emaciation are all due to spleen deficiency. It is caused by the inability to transport and transform the essence of water and grain, and licorice is just a good medicine for invigorating the spleen, so licorice is one of the many choices of medicine and food for thin people.


In addition, for patients with heart palpitations and palpitations, licorice is indispensable in decoctions, such as Zhigancao Decoction for the treatment of "consolidated pulse and palpitations", which is equivalent to the current arrhythmia. It is helpful to relieve palpitations and palpitations. Of course, it is another matter for palpitations and palpitations caused by tension, anxiety or external stimuli. At this time, it is necessary to soothe the liver and relieve depression.


There are also many snacks made of licorice on the market, such as licorice apricot, licorice olive, licorice plum, licorice candy...all use licorice to promote body fluid and tonify deficiency. Those who are sweet make people full, so people who are prone to edema (eye cells, lower limbs, etc.) are not suitable for taking licorice.

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