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Source of the Ginkgo Leaf


This product is the dried leaves of Ginkgo biloba. Harvest in autumn when leaves are still green and dry in time.


Original form


Ginkgo biloba, deciduous tree, up to 40m high. The branches have long branches and short branches. The bark of young trees is light grayish brown, shallow longitudinally split, and the old ones are grayish brown, deeply longitudinally split. Leaves spirally scattered on long branches, 3-5 (-8) clusters on short branches; stalk length 3-10cm; leaf blade fan-shaped, light green, glabrous, with many 2-forked parallel veinlets, upper margin 5-8cm wide, shallowly wavy, sometimes shallow or deeply lobed centrally. Dioecious, unisexual flowers, sparsely monoecious; cones are born in the axils of scale-like leaves at the top of short branches; male cones are catkin-like, drooping; female cones have long stalks, often forked at the stalk end , each fork produces a disc-shaped vermicelli, and each vermiculite produces one ovule, only one of which develops into a seed. Seed drupe-like, elliptic to nearly spherical, 2.5-3.5cm long, about 2cm in diameter; outer testa fleshy, with white powder, light yellow or orange when ripe; middle testa bony, white, with 2-3 ribs; inner testa Testa membranous, endosperm abundant. The flowering period is March-April, and the seed maturity period is September-October.


Habitat distribution


Ecological environment: Born in natural forests in acidic soils and well-drained areas at an altitude of 500-1000m.

Distribution of resources: from Shenyang in the north, to Guangzhou in the south, from East China in the east, to Guizhou and Yunnan in the southwest.


Sweet, bitter, astringent, flat.



Remove the impurities and sieve the soil.



The dry leaves are mostly folded or broken, and the intact ones are fan-shaped. There are irregular wavy notches on the upper edge, sometimes concave in the middle, and cuneate at the base. The veins are bipartite and parallel, thin and dense, smooth and hairless, and easy to tear longitudinally. Gas fragrance, slightly astringent taste. It is better to have yellow-green leaves that are neat and unbroken.



This product is the dried leaves of Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo tree, Gongsun tree). Control chest tightness and heartache, palpitation, dyspnea and cough with phlegm, dysentery, leucorrhea.



Heart Meridian, Lung Meridian



Invigorating the heart and restraining the lungs, dispelling dampness and relieving diarrhea. Control chest tightness and heartache, palpitation, dyspnea and cough with phlegm, dysentery, leucorrhea.


"Pinhui Jingyao": Make cakes for the powder and noodles, cook them over a simmer, and stop diarrhea.

"Chinese Medicine Annals": astringe lung qi, relieve asthma and cough, and stop turbidity. Cure phlegm, dyspnea and cough, leucorrhea white turbidity.

Su Yi "Handbook of Chinese Herbal Medicine": treat elephantiasis legs.


Oral administration: decoction, 3~9g; or use the extract as tablets; or into pills or powders.

External application: appropriate amount, pounded for applying or rubbed on; or decocted for washing.

Pay attention to taboos

"Chinese Medicine Annals": Those with real evils should not use it.

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