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Some constitutions that are not suitable for eating ginseng


Ginseng is a medicinal material commonly used by many people to replenish vitality. Although ginseng is expensive and "the king of medicine", not everyone is suitable for consumption. There is a popular saying in the market: "Ginseng is not guilty of murder, but rhubarb is useless for saving people!" It means that if ginseng is used in the wrong place, or eaten by inappropriate people, it may make the disease worse.

Ginseng indiscriminately supplements the body in a variety of conditions

However, TCM outpatients often see a lot of problems caused by self-administered ginseng nourishment, including high intraocular pressure, increased blood pressure, severe skin diseases, and may even increase the risk of stroke in the long run.

Chinese medicine practitioners said that ginseng itself is not the problem, but the root cause is the wrong dose of ginseng taken, the type of ginseng chosen is not suitable for the body constitution, or the compatible medicinal materials are not suitable. Therefore, people should be particularly careful when eating, especially those who suffer from the following 12 diseases: Be sure to consult a physician before use, and never take yourself as a guinea pig and take it arbitrarily.

There are taboos for eating ginseng, 4 kinds of constitutions are not applicable

1. Excessively weak patients

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine: "Deficiency cannot be supplemented." Although ginseng is suitable for people with Qi deficiency, if the body is too weak, eating ginseng may not be beneficial to the body.

2. Women during menstruation

It is not suitable to eat ginseng during menstruation. If you need to use it, you must first consult a qualified and professional Chinese medicine practitioner.

3. People with colds and infections

For patients with colds and infections, if there are still pathogenic factors in the body, eating ginseng can easily replenish the pathogenic factors and make the disease worse. Unless the body is already weak and infected again, Chinese medicine practitioners will use it according to the situation.

4. Those who are moody and have high blood pressure

If people who are often prone to emotional agitation, excitement, irritability, blushing and thick neck, easy to get angry, body heat, or very high blood pressure, frequent constipation (dry and hard stool), if they eat ginseng, it may make people feel better. Preexisting symptoms worsen.

The more expensive the ginseng, the better? Expensive food is worse than clever food

Even for the general population who can eat ginseng, Dr. Zhou Zonghan also reminded that they should avoid consuming ginseng before going to bed, so as to avoid the refreshing effect and make them unable to fall asleep. In addition, whether it is ginseng tea, ginseng sugar, ginseng pollen and other products, you must follow the principle of gradually increasing the amount, eat in moderation, and avoid drinking alcohol after eating ginseng, or taking spicy and other irritating foods, so as not to cause side effects, the healthier you are Fill bigger holes.

In addition, ginseng is not as expensive as possible. Expensive Korean ginseng is too warm and tonic. If you want to use it as a daily tea or chicken soup, it is generally recommended to switch to Shizhu ginseng, American ginseng, powdered ginseng, etc. Optical ginseng can be. The price of ginseng, which is much cheaper, is weaker than that of ginseng, but its efficacy is still highly recognized.

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