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Side effects of licorice soaked in water


1. Cannot be used continuously


Although licorice has very good health effects on the body, it does not mean that this medicinal material can be taken for a long time. Licorice cannot be taken for a long time, otherwise the gastrointestinal health will deteriorate, and it is also easy to become addicted to this Chinese herbal medicine. Studies have found that licorice contains certain potent opioids, and long-term use can easily make the body dependent on this medicinal material. If the physical condition has recovered, you should stop taking this medicinal material immediately; if your body does not improve after a week, you should also stop taking licorice.


2. Side effects


The side effects of licorice are also often criticized. The side effects on the body after taking licorice are manifested in abnormal conditions such as diarrhea, physical fatigue, mental restlessness, and cold sweat. great harm.


3. Do not take in large quantities


Excessive consumption of licorice is likely to cause harm to the body, and even symptoms of respiratory system arrest. If there is no scientific use of licorice, it is easy to suffer from respiratory failure, so that the safety of life cannot be guaranteed. Licorice must be used in moderation in life, especially children should reduce the use of this medicinal material. Please consult a Chinese medicine practitioner if necessary


4. People who are not suitable for taking licorice


Although licorice is a medicinal material that has many benefits for the body, it is a medicinal material after all, so not all physical conditions can be used. It is recommended that pregnant women, lactating women, sexual dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and menstrual periods are not suitable for taking licorice.


5. Herbs that are not suitable for taking with licorice


Licorice itself has a certain cough-relieving effect. If it is taken together with other cough-relieving drugs, it will seriously damage the health of the respiratory center. The taboo of drinking licorice soaked in water should include that it should not be taken together with cough medicine, cardiotonic medicine and blood pressure medicine to avoid serious consequences to the body.


Licorice Tea Side Effects


1. Reduce male libido


Licorice tea is not suitable for drinking in large doses or for a long time. Licorice contains ingredients similar to estrogen. Excessive consumption or long-term consumption will lead to high levels of estrogen in the body, which has a negative effect on male sexual desire. Very serious long-term effects, generally, the inhibitory effect will appear after taking 28g of Cao Guo per day, and it will gradually return to normal after 4 days of stopping the drug.


2. Increase blood pressure


The pituitary gland will secrete a large amount of cortisol in a high-stress or high-stimulation environment. Cortisol can increase blood pressure. After people relax, cortisol will gradually decrease, and blood pressure will also decrease. However, licorice It contains one of the components that lowers cortisol. Drinking licorice soaked in water for a long time will inhibit the reduction of cortisol in the body and keep high blood pressure. This is why hypertensive patients cannot eat licorice drugs and food.


3. Lead to non-lactating lactation


After women give birth, the content of estrogen in the body is relatively high, and the stimulation of infant sucking will cause lactation, but licorice contains estrogen-like effects, and drinking licorice tea for a long time will lead to estrogen in the body. Hormone levels are disrupted and lactation occurs during the non-lactation period.

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