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Properties of Medicinal Ginger




Dried ginger is flat and massive, with finger-like branches, 3-7cm long and 1-2cm thick. The surface is gray-yellow or light gray-brown, rough, with longitudinal wrinkles and obvious links. There are often remnants of scale leaves on the branches, and there are stem scars or buds on the top of the branches. The texture is solid, the cross-section is yellow-white or off-white, powdery or granular, the inner cortex has obvious ring patterns, vascular bundles and yellow oil spots are scattered. Gas aroma, specific, spicy taste.


Dried ginger slices are irregular longitudinal or oblique slices, with finger-like branches, 1-6cm long, 1-2cm wide, and 0.2-0.4cm thick. The outer skin is grayish yellow or light yellowish brown, rough, with longitudinal wrinkles and obvious links, the cut surface is grayish yellow or grayish white, slightly powdery, and many longitudinal fibers can be seen, some of which are hairy. Solid quality, fibrous section. Gas aroma, specific, spicy taste.




(1) The powder of this product is light yellowish brown. There are many starch granules, oval, oval, triangular oval, quasi-circular or irregular, with a diameter of 5-40 μm, umbilical points, located at the smaller end, and some are cracked, and some have obvious layers. Oil cells and resin cells are scattered in the parenchyma, containing light yellow oil droplets or dark reddish brown substances. Fibers are bundled or scattered, apex blunt, a few forked, some sides wavy or jagged, diameter 15-40 μm, wall slightly thick, non-lignified, with oblique fine pores, thin diaphragm is often seen. Stepped, threaded and reticulated catheters are common, and a few are annular catheters with a diameter of 15-70 μm. Tubular cells containing dark reddish-brown substances, with a diameter of 12-20 μm, can sometimes be seen next to the ducts or fibers.


(2) Take 2g of this product powder, add 20ml of ethanol, ultrasonically treat for 20 minutes, filter, evaporate the filtrate to dryness, add 1ml of methanol to dissolve the residue, and use it as the test solution. Take another 2 g of dried ginger as a reference drug, and make a solution of the reference drug in the same way. According to the test of thin-layer chromatography (Appendix VI B), draw 4 μl of each of the above two solutions, respectively spot on the same silica gel G thin-layer plate with sodium carboxymethylcellulose as the binder, and add cyclohexane-ether (1 : 1) as a developing agent, develop, take out, dry in the air, spray with vanillin sulfuric acid test solution, heat at 105°C until the spots develop a clear color. In the chromatogram of the test product, there are spots of the same color at the position corresponding to the chromatogram of the control medicinal material.




The total ash content shall not exceed 6.0% (Appendix IX K).


Content Determination


Take an appropriate amount of the coarsest powder of this product, add 700ml of water, and measure according to the volatile oil determination method (Appendix Ⅹ D).


This product contains volatile oil not less than 0.8% (ml/g).




Dried ginger Remove impurities, soak slightly, wash, moisten thoroughly, cut into thick slices or pieces, and dry.


This product is irregular block, 0.2 ~ 0.4cm thick. Measure according to the above method of total ash content, not to exceed 5.5%.


[nature, flavor and meridian distribution] pungent, hot. Return spleen, stomach, kidney, heart, lung channel.


[Functions and Indications] Dried ginger warms the middle and dispels cold, restores yang and unblocks the veins, dries dampness and eliminates phlegm. For epigastric cold and pain, vomiting and diarrhea, cold extremities and weak pulse, phlegm retention, dyspnea and cough.


Usage and Dosage39g.


StorageKeep in a cool and dry place, away from moths.

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