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Precautions for drinking licorice tablets soaked in water


Licorice tablets are very common medicines, and many people always keep them at home. Soaking licorice tablets in water can effectively treat coughs and other conditions, but not everyone is suitable for drinking them every day. The following article will introduce licorice in detail for you The related content of soaking the tablet in water.


How much licorice tablets should be soaked in water at a time


3-5 grams of licorice soaked in water is the best. As for how many pieces, it is difficult to say whether the size is different. Harmonize medicines. For weakness of the spleen and stomach, lassitude and weakness, palpitation and shortness of breath, cough with copious phlegm, epigastric abdomen, extremity convulsion acute pain, carbuncle sore tumefacting virus, alleviates drug toxicity, strong.


Disadvantages of drinking licorice tablets frequently


The main effect of licorice is to treat diseases such as cough, ileitis, oral ulcer and gastric ulcer. There are many ways to use licorice, it can be taken directly as medicine, or brewed directly with boiling water. However, because licorice has a small amount of toxicity, do not overdose when taking it, and it is best not to take it for a long time to avoid physical discomfort.


Precautions for drinking licorice tablets soaked in water


The effect of taking licorice tablets is the best


The effects of different licorice consumption methods are also different. Experts told us that the effect of taking licorice is very good. Many people said that after taking licorice tablets, they found that the effect of cough relief was not very good. This is probably caused by the different methods of taking them.


Licorice tablets should not be used continuously for more than seven days


Long-term use of licorice tablets is prone to addiction. This is because licorice tablets contain some opioids, which are easily addictive if taken for a long time. Therefore, experts suggest that you should not take licorice tablets continuously for more than one week, and stop immediately after you find that the symptoms of cough and other symptoms are relieved. Some people find that the effect is not very good after taking licorice tablets, so they increase the dosage at will, which will easily lead to cold sweat, runny nose, diarrhea, yawning and restlessness in our body. This shows that our body has become dependent on the drug. It is best to stop taking the drug immediately and consult a doctor in a professional hospital.


Children must not overdose


The opioids contained in licorice have a certain inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. If taken too cold, it will cause the respiratory system to stop, and the body is prone to respiratory failure, which seriously affects our life and health. Experts tell us that children under one year old take about a quarter of a licorice tablet each time. If your child has a cough, it is best to choose cough medicine for children. If you need to take licorice tablets, you must follow the guidance of a professional doctor.


Do not mix licorice tablets with other cough medicines


If you need to take licorice tablets, then do not take them together with other powerful cough medicines to avoid a relatively large impact on the respiratory center. In addition, if the patient is taking cardiotonic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, and hypoglycemic drugs, then it should not be taken together with licorice.


Edema caused by overdose of licorice tablets


Because licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid, this substance will increase the body to suffer from pseudoaldosteronism disease, the main feature is the increase of certain hormones in the body, and this hormone will increase the potassium and sodium elements in our body, Sodium cannot be excreted from the body through urine, so blood pressure will increase and muscle damage will occur in the body. When the potassium element increases, water will accumulate in the body, and the body will naturally become edema.


Pregnant women should not overdose licorice tablets


Experts suggest that pregnant women must be cautious when taking licorice tablets, and not overdose, otherwise it will easily lead to increased blood pressure in the body, and may even cause premature birth.


Not suitable for people who take licorice tablets


Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and men with sexual dysfunction are best not to take licorice; people who are overweight, and people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease are best not to take it; people who are taking aspirin People who are angiotensin inhibitors should also avoid contact with licorice; women with menstrual problems or liver problems are best not to take licorice tablets.

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