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Precautions for consumption of ginseng


China has a long history of eating ginseng, and its miraculous effects are also highly praised. According to historical records: ginseng has the effects of "replenishing the five internal organs, calming the spirit, calming the soul, relieving palpitations, improving eyesight and improving intelligence" on the human body. Its eating method is very particular:

(1) Serve stewed. Cut ginseng into 2cm thin slices, put it in a porcelain bowl, fill it with water, seal the mouth of the bowl, put it in a pot and steam for 4-5 hours before taking it.

(2) Chewing food. Take 2~3 slices of ginseng in your mouth and chew it carefully. It is refreshing, sweet and delicious. It is the easiest way to take it.

(3) Grinding. Grind ginseng into fine powder and swallow it every day. The dosage depends on the individual's physique, generally ~1.5 grams each time.

(4) Make tea. Cut ginseng into thin slices, put it in a bowl or a cup, brew it with boiling water, and cover it for 5 minutes before taking it.

(5) Soak in wine. Cut the whole ginseng into thin slices, put it in a bottle, soak it in 50-60 degree white wine, and take it as you like every day.

(6) Stewed food. Ginseng is often accompanied by a certain bitterness when eaten. If ginseng is cooked together with lean meat, chicken, fish, etc., the bitterness can be eliminated and the body can be nourished and strengthened. the

1. Ginseng should not be abused. Ginseng is a kind of qi-tonifying medicine. It is not suitable to take it casually if there is no qi deficiency. People with a strong physique and no signs of weakness do not need to take supplements and use this product indiscriminately. If it is misused or multi-used, it will often lead to breath-holding, and symptoms such as chest tightness and abdominal distension. Some people think that ginseng is a tonic, thinking that eating it is always good for the body, which is a wrong idea. Whether it is red ginseng or raw sun-dried ginseng, you must take it step by step during the consumption process, and do not take too much hastily. In addition, we must pay attention to seasonal changes. Generally speaking: the weather in autumn and winter is cool, and it is better to eat; while the weather in summer is hot, it is not suitable for eating.

2. Avoid eating radishes (including carrots, white radishes and green radishes) and various seafood after taking ginseng. Ancient medical books say that radish "reduces the atmosphere and eliminates the grain...". Modern research on radish for digestion and diuresis is the same as the ancient view, and the main function of ginseng is to invigorate vitality. The two, one to invigorate qi and the other to lower qi, just offset each other. Therefore, there is this taboo.

3. Avoid drinking tea. After taking ginseng, do not drink tea, so as not to damage the effect of ginseng.

4. Whether it is decocted or stewed, do not use hardware cooking utensils. the

preservation method
Because ginseng contains more sugar, mucus and volatile oil, it is prone to deterioration such as damp, oily, moldy, discolored, and moth-eaten. There are several ways to store ginseng:

① Conventional storage method: For ginseng that has dried out, it can be sealed in a plastic bag to isolate the air, and it can be stored in a cool place.

②Hygroscopic agent drying method: put an appropriate amount of desiccant, such as quicklime, charcoal, etc., at the bottom of the sealable cylinder, cylinder, box, etc., then wrap the ginseng in paper, put it in, and seal it tightly.

③Low temperature preservation method: This is an ideal method. Ginseng should be dried before storage. The best exposure time is from 9 am to 4 pm, but ginseng should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, and the ginseng used for medicinal purposes has reached a certain degree of drying. Generally, it is only necessary to turn ginseng in the sun for 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon. After it cools down, wrap it tightly with a plastic bag and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, so it can be stored for a long time.

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