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People with these 8 constitutions are not suitable for eating ginseng


1. Excessively debilitated patients


Although ginseng is suitable for patients with qi deficiency constitution, if the body is too weak, eating ginseng will burden the body instead. Because people who are weak often suffer from indigestion first, which further affects the absorption function. And the body lacks nutrients, forming qi deficiency and blood weakness. Deficiency of qi and weak blood in turn affect the digestion and absorption function, so taking some supplements will cause adverse reactions.


2. Patients with impaired renal function


Kidney disease patients have to limit the intake of sodium and potassium, and the health food sold in the market may actually cause a physical burden on kidney disease patients. Although some studies have pointed out that Chinese herbal medicine has the effect of regulating the body constitution for kidney disease, but each person's constitution is different, and there may be other diseases besides kidney disease, so it should be checked by qualified Chinese medicine practitioners to be safe.


3. Patients with acute diarrhea


If you are a patient with diarrhea after eating, especially acute diarrhea or any sudden diarrhea, it is not suitable to use ginseng.


4. Those who are moody and have high blood pressure


If you are a person who often loses control of emotions, is moody or has very high blood pressure, consuming ginseng may make the original symptoms worse.


5. During pregnancy and lactation


The consumption of ginseng by pregnant women depends on their physical properties and pregnancy cycle. Generally, only those who are weak are more suitable for taking ginseng. However, there are still some taboos. Pregnant women should be cautious when taking ginseng, otherwise adverse reactions may still occur. If women who are breastfeeding consume ginseng, they may experience milk withdrawal. It is recommended to consult a physician before consumption.


6. Patients before or after surgery


There are thousands of diseases, different surgical methods, and each person's constitution is also different. Ginseng is a medicine, and it is better to prescribe it after the doctor has seen the patient.


7. Women during menstruation


Although ginseng has the effect of replenishing vitality, increasing physical strength, and promoting blood circulation, for menstruating women, too much ginseng can cause abnormal contractions of the uterus and aggravate physical discomfort. If you need to use it, you must first consult a qualified and professional Chinese medicine practitioner.


8. People with colds and infections


When you catch a cold or get an infection, because this infectious disease belongs to evil energy, the evil energy in the body must be expelled first. If there are still pathogenic factors in the body, eating ginseng will easily replenish the pathogenic factors and make the disease worse. Unless the body is already weak and infected again, Chinese medicine practitioners will use it according to the situation.


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