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Notoginseng Root Extract


As early as 1938, some scholars in our country have studied the saponins contained in the root of Panax notoginseng, but due to the limitation of the conditions at that time, only two kinds of saponins have been obtained, named and.

Later, due to the development of modern separation technology and the application of detection instruments, the research on total saponins of Panax notoginseng was more in-depth and meticulous. For example, 12 new saponins, namely Panax notoginseng-A and Panax notoginseng-B, were extracted and isolated from dried Panax notoginseng roots. Among them, Panax notoginseng saponins-K, ginsenosides R1, -Ra3, -F1 were isolated from Panax notoginseng for the first time.

Zhao Ping, Li Haizhou, and other scholars analyzed four other new trace saponins, named Panax notoginsenoside-R7, notoginsenoside-R8, notoginsenoside-R9, notoginsenoside-R10, etc. A new trace saponin was isolated from the root, named A.

Liu Jinhua and other scholars identified 14 chemical constituents of Panax notoginseng by the HPLC-UV-MS analysis method. Based on positive and negative ion mass spectrometry data and literature, the analysis deduced 41 components. Among them, Panax notoginseng, notoginsenoside-H, notoginsenoside-E, ginsenoside-L5, malonyl ginsenoside-Rg, notoginsenoside-J, notoginsenoside-A, notoginsenoside R1, notoginsenoside -G, the isomer of Panax notoginseng saponins -R2 and ginsenoside-Rh3 were found for the first time in Panax notoginseng.

Under the experimental conditions of a weak acid, some scholars extracted and separated five kinds of saponins such as notoginseng saponin-T1 after hydrolysis from the dried root of Panax notoginseng.

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