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Milkvetch Root Pick


Milkvetch Root is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in Chinese medicine respiratory department. It has been consumed for over 2,000 years and is known to function as a qi booster.

Modern medical research shows that Astragalus is rich in trace elements, saponins, various amino acids, polysaccharides, and other substances. It also has the functions of enhancing immune function, anti-stress, liver protection, and antibacterial.

As far as qi and good products are concerned, astragalus is the first.

Some friends think that astragalus is very suitable to eat, but it will become hot after eating. This situation is not necessarily because of inaccurate judgment, but also because of the quality of Astragalus.

How to choose a good astragalus?

In addition to the origin, there are five points to pay attention to when choosing astragalus-

1. Identify the authenticity: Unscrupulous merchants will pretend to be mallow roots, and everyone must pay attention to identification when choosing.

2. Taste: Astragalus can be chewed raw. Put a slice in your mouth and taste, good astragalus is sweet. If there is a sour taste, it means that it has been smoked with sulfur.

3. Look at the shape: there is a very wide piece of astragalus, thin, beautiful astragalus root, expensive.

4. Look at the thickness: Astragalus, like Codonopsis, is not necessarily the thicker the better. Astragalus fine fibrous root, the content of astragaloside IV is higher than the thick root.

5. Look at the old and new: Astragalus can be stored for many years after drying, so pay attention to whether it is a new product within a year. New Astragalus has a unique bean flavor. The smell of old stuff is very light.

Astragalus not only tonifies Qi and blood, but also tonifies Qi and Wei. Its main function is to nourish the Qi of the Three Burners. Although it strengthens the spleen, it only treats the symptoms of the spleen, not the underlying disease of the spleen. People with yin deficiency and yang deficiency should use it with caution, and those with yin deficiency and yang deficiency should not use it!

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