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"The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine," says: "All diseases arise from qi." All human life activities are inseparable from qi, and they are also consuming qi. What should I do if qi is deficient? Try the super qi medicine - astragalus. Su Dongpo is a well-known writer in my country, and he is also quite accomplished in medicine and health preservation. He once wrote athesongAstragalus Porridge Recommended for Spring Plate". It can be seen that in the Northern Song Dynasty, astragalus has been popular for folk consumption. Hu Shi and Astragalus also have an indissoluble bond. During Hu Shi's teaching, he often felt overwhelmed, powerless, tired, and sleepy, and his tongue was dry. At the recommendation of an old Chinese medicine practitioner, he soaked Astragalus in water to relieve all symptoms. Colleagues recommend astragalus as medicine.

Astragalus is the root of the legume Astragalus or Astragalus. Mainly produced in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, and other places. Excavated in spring and autumn, take fibrous roots and root heads, sun-dried, sliced, eaten raw, or roasted with honey.

【Properties】Sweet, slightly warm.

【Return to the channel】It belongs to the spleen and lung channel.

[Efficacy] Invigorating qi and spleen, raising yang and relieving depression, benefiting stomach and invigorating appearance, diuretic, and swelling, detoxifying and strengthening tendons.

[Song Jue] Astragalus is slightly warm, nourishes qi and raises yang, solidifies the surface and stops sweating, detoxifies, and causes sores.

【Clinical application】

1. Spleen deficiency syndrome. It tastes sweet and warm, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and is an essential medicine for invigorating the middle and replenishing qi. For those with spleen deficiency and fatigue, loss of appetite, and loose stools, the ointment can be used alone or in combination with Codonopsis and Atractylodes. Because it can raise yang and relieve depression, it is good at treating chronic diarrhea, prolapse of the anus, and visceral sagging caused by spleen deficiency. Often combined with ginseng, cohosh, Bupleurum, and other products, such as Buzhong Yiqi Decoction ("Spleen and Stomach Lun"). If the spleen is deficient and dehydrated, with edema and oliguria, this product can not only invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, but also diuretics and reduce swelling, and treat symptoms and symptoms. It is an essential drug for the treatment of qi deficiency and edema. compatibility. This product can also generate qi and blood and is often used in combination with blood-tonifying drugs for blood deficiency, such as Danggui Buxue Decoction, in combination with Angelica. For the syndrome of spleen deficiency and blood loss that cannot be controlled, this product can still replenish Qi and suck blood and is often used in conjunction with ginseng, Atractylodes, and other products. This product can invigorate Qi and promote body fluid production and distribution and has the effect of quenching thirst. It is often used in combination with Trichosanthin, Pueraria, and other products.

2. Lung Qi deficiency syndrome. This product enters the lungs and can replenish lung qi. For those with weak lung qi, chronic cough, asthma, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Often used in combination with aster, coltsfoot, almond, etc., it can expel phlegm, relieve cough, and relieve asthma.

3. Mental sweat. People with a deficiency of spleen and lung qi tend to have weak defense qi and astragalus root, and sweat spontaneously. This product can invigorate the spleen and lungs and strengthen the body. It is often used in combination with oysters, ephedra roots, and other antiperspirant products such as oyster powder ("Heji Jufang"). Those with weak Wei Qi and spontaneous perspiration prone to wind evil should be combined with Atractylodes, Fangfeng, and other products, such as Yupingfeng Powder ("Danxi Heart Method").

4. Deficiency of qi and blood, sores, and carbuncles are difficult to fester, or unhealed for a long time. This product has the effect of invigorating Qi, and can also detoxify and strengthen the body. In the middle stage of the sore carbuncle, if the poison cannot be nourished by the poison, the sore shape will be flat, the root disk will be scattered, not easy to collapse, and not easy to rot. This product can invigorate qi and generate blood, normalize qi and blood, and go out with septicemia. It is often used together with ginseng, angelica, cohosh, angelica, and other products, such as tori purulent powder ("Medicine Golden Mirror"). In the late stage of ulcers, due to weak qi and blood, thin pus, and intractable sores, this product can replenish qi and generate blood and has the effect of promoting muscle and astringing sores. It is often used in combination with ginseng, angelica, cinnamon, and other products, such as Shiquan Dabu Tang (“Heji Jufang”).In addition, qi deficiency due to joint pain, stroke sequelae, etc. leads to qi stagnation Astragalus is a traditional Chinese medicine with extremely high medicinal value. Astragalus is the root of leguminous plants such as Astragalus and Astragalus. Astragalus is divided into astragalus, fried astragalus, fried astragalus, honey astragalus, wine astragalus, and salted astragalus due to different processing methods.

Astragalus has been used medicinally for more than 2,000 years. It has immune-boosting, hepatoprotective, diuretic, anti-aging, anti-stress, anti-hypertensive, and broader antimicrobial effects. Astragalus in wine has the effect of tonifying qi and helping qi. Drinking it when the sun rises in the morning has a certain nourishing effect on people with qi deficiency; different formulas and practices have different effects on astragalus wine. Let's take a look at the formula, efficacy, and precautions of Bawei Astragalus wine made from Astragalus, Schisandra, Fangfeng, and other medicinal materials.

1. Eight-flavored astragalus wine

[Sauce wine recipe] Astragalus 90g, Schisandra 60g, Pycnogenol 90g, Fangfeng 70g, Chuanxiong 90g, Achyranthes 60g, Duhuo 60g, Shanyu meat 60g, Guyang Kangte wine.

[Preparation method] Grind the above medicinal materials into coarse powder or slices, put them in gauze bags, put them in wine, soak them for 1 week and drink them.

【Efficacy and function】Invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation, invigorating kidney and helping yang, dispelling wind, and removing dampness.

[Usage and Dosage] Oral: 10-20ml each time, warm on an empty stomach, 1-2 times a day.

Precautions for astragalus wine (must see)

1. What kind of wine is best to use with Astragalus brewing medicinal wine?

According to media reports, 70% of baijiu on the market is edible alcohol or mixed liquor. Due to cost reasons, the proportion of middle and low-end liquor is higher. Many of these are edible alcohol blends, but they say they're brewed from pure grains. Why dare to say that? Since food wine is also made from grains, it's not wrong to call it grain wine, but it's not grain wine without additives. The difference between edible wine and non-additive grain wine is that non-additive grain wine is brewed through natural fermentation and contains a variety of beneficial substances, while edible alcohol wine itself is not good for people due to various additives, which will destroy the nutrition and taste of astragalus. Therefore, astragalus bubble wine must be the best, without grain wine. The wine I used was grain wine that Gu Yongkang did not add.

2. How many degrees of liquor should be used in the brewing of Astragalus, and what kind of flavored wine is suitable?

Liquor with a slightly higher degree is easier to kill germs in raw materials and is more conducive to the dissolution of organic matter in animal medicinal materials. The alcohol content is too low, and it is easy to deteriorate after long-term storage. Therefore, the wine made from astragalus has a degree of 52-60 degrees without adding grains.

Astragalus brewed medicinal wine should choose aroma type. The aroma type wine has less acid and fat content, which can better dilute the medicinal ingredients in the medicinal material, and is not easy to be saturated; Therefore, astragalus brewing medicinal wine should choose the aroma type. liquor.

3. Astragalus wine should not choose plastic barrels

PET plastic water is very safe, but the acidity and alkalinity of liquor are very strong, especially high-grade liquor, which will corrode harmful plastic components into the wine. For health, astragalus wine must choose a glass bottle or ceramic bottle.

4. What container is the best for astragalus wine?

Astragalus wine should be made in clay pots or glassware or ceramics. Do not make wine with plastic and metal, as plastic and metal release harmful substances. This is not the case with glass and ceramics. Of course, glass and ceramics must be lead-free, which is safer and healthier. This is another reason why I use Guyangkang grain-free wine, which is lead-free and environmentally friendly. The design of the glass and bottle is also very user-friendly. If the wine is not full, 1,000 ml of space is deliberately reserved. Fruit can be added directly, eliminating the need to buy wine and sparkling wine bottles, which is very convenient.

Five, the selection of astragalus matters needs attention

Astragalus wine must use high-quality astragalus. First, it must be of good quality and effective. Second, no additives are allowed. This is also my criteria for selecting raw materials. Otherwise, it will not have any effect on astragalus root and even affect health. Add astragalus.

Only when the wine, utensils, and astragalus are of good quality can the brewed astragalus wine be delicious and effective. If one of them is of poor quality, it will inevitably affect the overall effect.

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