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Medicinal uses of Houttuynia cordata


Although Houttuynia cordata is known as a "natural and safe antibiotic", it can cure diseases if you are sick, and prevent diseases if you are not sick, but Houttuynia cordata itself is a kind of cold Chinese herbal medicine, so you should not eat too much or cook it every day water to drink. "Famous Doctors" mentioned that eating too much can make people asthmatic. In addition, the famous doctor Meng Shen once said: Eating it for a long time will cause weakness, damage yang energy, and eliminate the essence. Therefore, eating Houttuynia cordata every day is not beneficial to the body, but harmful. Especially people with deficient spleen and stomach should not eat it. The more you eat it will only make your body colder and weaker.


How to eat Houttuynia cordata?


For the consumption of Houttuynia cordata, in fact, the best way to eat it is to make cold Houttuynia cordata, add some vinegar, soy sauce, chili, minced garlic, pepper oil, etc., just put the Houttuynia cordata in boiling water, pick it up, mix it The topping is a delicious food that is nutritious and healthy. But some people don't like the fishy smell of fresh Houttuynia cordata, so they don't like to eat Houttuynia cordata, and they have a kind of resistance instinct. However, as a traditional Chinese medicine, after being dried and used, it not only has no fishy smell, but also has a fragrance. When it is fried into a soup, it has an aroma similar to cinnamon, and the fried soup has a taste similar to black tea. It has an astringent taste, no fishy or bitter taste, and it does not irritate the stomach. If no one tells you, you will not know when you drink the decoction of Houttuynia cordata.


In addition, when Houttuynia cordata is decocted or boiled in water, it should not be decocted or boiled for a long time, it can be decocted or boiled once or twice, otherwise the efficacy of the medicine will be affected. Because if it is fried for too long, the active ingredients in Houttuynia cordata will evaporate and affect the efficacy of the medicine.


Houttuynia cordata is a relatively good Chinese herbal medicine for clearing heat, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing bacteria, and it is also a kind of Chinese herbal medicine that can be eaten as a vegetable, which has a good effect on the treatment of inflammation. If children have pharyngitis, tonsillitis, or pneumonia, eating more Houttuynia cordata will have a good effect. You can make some cold Houttuynia cordata for children to eat. But because Houttuynia cordata is cold in nature, although it has many functions and strong anti-inflammatory effect, it cannot be eaten every day, especially for people with deficiency and cold constitutions, and it is not suitable for healthy people to eat every day. Eating too much will affect Yang Qi makes people weak.

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