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Medicinal properties of ginseng


Meridian distribution of nature and flavor: neutral in nature, sweet in taste, slightly bitter, slightly warm. Return spleen, lung meridian. the

Efficacy: Invigorate vital energy, restore pulse and solidify, nourish spleen and lung, promote body fluid and quench thirst, soothe the nerves and improve intelligence.

Indications: Weakness due to fatigue, lack of food, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, slippery stool, cough and shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, palpitations, forgetfulness, dizziness and headache, impotence, frequent urination, thirst, women's uterine bleeding, children's chronic Surprised and long-term void, all signs of deficiency of Qi, blood and body fluid.

Dosage: Oral administration: decoction, 3-10g, large dose 10-30g, should be decocted separately; or powdered, 1-2g; or plastered; or soaked in wine; or into pills, powder.

Medication contraindications: Excessive syndrome, heat syndrome and deficiency of righteousness should not be taken. Anti Veratrum, Fear Wulingzhi, and Acacia sinensis should not be used together. the

Clinical application:

1. Qi deficiency syndrome. This product can greatly invigorate the vital energy, restore the pulse and solidify it, and is an important medicine for saving the body from danger. It is suitable for critical syndromes such as profuse sweating, diarrhea, massive blood loss, serious illness, or chronic illness, which cause vital energy deficiency, shortness of breath, mental fatigue, and faint pulse. It is effective when used alone, such as Dushen Decoction ("Jingyue Quanshu"). If the qi is deficient and wants to get rid of sweating, and the limbs are cold, it should be used together with the aconite used to replenish qi and restore yang to rescue the adversity, such as Shenfu Decoction ("Zheng Ti Lei Yao"). If you want to get rid of qi deficiency and see sweating and warm body, thirsty and like cold drinks, red and dry tongue, this product can also produce body fluid, and it is often compatible with Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra chinensis to nourish qi and nourish yin

2. Lung spleen heart kidney qi deficiency syndrome. This product is an essential medicine for invigorating the lungs, which can improve the symptoms of lung qi deficiency such as shortness of breath, shortness of breath, and low voice. It is often used together with schisandra, perilla, almond and other medicines to treat lung-qi cough, asthma, and excessive phlegm, such as Bufei Decoction ("Qian Jin Fang"). the

Selected Prescriptions
⑴Treat Ying Wei Qi Deficiency: Viscera are timid, confidantes are distended, do not feel like eating at all, borborygmus, diarrhea, and vomiting: Ginseng (removed), Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos (peeled), and licorice (burned) are divided into equal parts. The above is fine powder, two qian per serving, one cup of water, decocted to 70% and taken orally, no matter the time, add a little salt, white soup is also available. Take it regularly to warm the spleen and stomach, improve diet, and ward off cold and evil miasma. ("The Prescription" Four Gentlemen's Soup)

⑵Treating stomach deficiency and coldness, fullness of Qi in the central cavity, inability to pass on transformation, and inability to eat if you are hungry: 2 qian of ginseng, ? qian of raw aconite, 1 fen of ginger (chopped). Mix the above three flavors evenly, combine them with water for seven times, and fry until they are combined. Take a piece of chicken to clear it, swirl it around, and take it empty-handed. ("Shengji Zonglu" Warming the Stomach and Boiled Powder)

⑶ Cure coughing with lung qi in three or two years, spitting pus and blood, sores all over the face, yellow swelling all over the body: a pair of geckos (all of them, soaked in river water for five nights, change the water every day, wash away the fishy smell, crisp and burnt yellow) , Almond (peeled tip, fried), licorice (burnt) five liang each, Anemarrhena, Morus alba, ginseng, Poria cocos (peeled), and Fritillaria 2 liang each. The upper eight flavors are the end, and the net magnetic zygote is filled. Take it daily as a refreshment. ("Health Treasure Book" Ginseng Gecko Powder)

⑷Cure yang deficiency asthma, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, shortness of breath and head luck: five qian of ginseng, one tael of cooked aconite. It is divided into four posts, each with ten slices of ginger, two cups of running water, and one cup of decocting. ("Ji Sheng Fang")

⑸Treatment of restlessness, lack of five viscera, trance and palpitations, mistakes and forgetfulness, nightmares, terror and restlessness, mood swings, morning errands and evening dramas, twilight dramas, or mad dizziness: polygala (remove the seedlings and the heart) , two taels each of calamus, and three taels each of ginseng and white poria cocos (peeled). The top is fine powder, the refined honey pill is as big as a phoenix tree seed, and the cinnabar is used as a coat. Take seven pills each time, increase to twenty pills, drink it with warm rice, and take three times a day when you are lying down after eating. ("Bureau" Dingzhi Wan)

⑹Treating thirst and excessive drinking: ginseng and melon roots are divided into equal parts, raw as powder, honey is refined into pills, phoenix seeds are big, 30 pills per serving, and Ophiopogon japonicus soup is given away. ("Ren Zhai Zhizhifang" Yuhu Wan)

⑺Treating thirst and drinking: ginseng is the powder, and the chicken is cleared and adjusted for one qian, three or four times a day. ("Outline")

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