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Maitake harvesting and storage


Harvesting and Storage

Harvesting time: The time from budding to harvesting of Grifola frondosa is related to the temperature of fruiting body growth period. Generally speaking, if the temperature is between 23-28°C, it will take 13-16 days from budding to picking; if the temperature at the time of fruiting is below 22°C to 14°C, it will take 16-25 days from budding to picking. .

Signs when picking: (1) If the sun is sufficient, the color of Grifola frondosa is dark gray and black when it is young. After the cap grows, there will be a round of small white edges on the outer edge of the cap. This small white edge is the fungus. Cover the growth point. As the cap grows up, the cap changes from dark gray to yellowish brown, and the white edge as the growth point becomes darker, and the edge curls slightly inward, and it can be picked at this time.

(2) If the light is insufficient, the color of Grifola frondosa is white when it is young, and the growth point is not obvious. When the cap is large, it depends on whether there are holes on the back of the cap. If there are bacteria holes, it can be picked at this time; If the bacterial tube is already very long, it means that the frondosa frondosa has aged. Aging grifola frondosa not only has poor quality, but also affects the fruiting of the next stubble, so it should be harvested in time.

Harvesting method: When harvesting Grifola frondosa, stretch both hands flat, insert them under the fruit body, apply a little force on both sides of the root, and lean in one direction at the same time, the mycorrhiza will be broken. Be careful not to damage the mycorrhizae. Some mycorrhizae can grow frondosa frondosa several times. Check the debris and weeds, etc. After 1 to 2 days, there will be a flood, and the mushrooming conditions will be maintained as usual. After 20 to 40 days, the wet mushrooms will come out. The harvested Grifola frondosa can be sold fresh after removing the soil, sand and stones on the roots and the weeds on the fruiting bodies.

Storage and transportation: Fresh Grifola frondosa should be stored in airtight boxes or baskets, and each Grifola frondosa should be discharged in a single layer, and try not to pile them too high to cause extrusion. When intensive discharge is required, the mushroom cap should face down and the root of the mushroom should face up. The storage temperature of Grifola frondosa is preferably 4-10°C. If the temperature is too high, the fresh mushrooms will continue to grow and age. The transportation of Grifola frondosa fresh products should strive to be stable, and each box (basket) should be arranged in single or double layers to avoid extrusion, collision and bumping. Drying and salting are the main processing methods of Grifola frondosa.


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