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Licorice Herbal Prescription


For the treatment of Rongwei Qi deficiency, viscera timidity, confidant distension, lack of appetite, borborygmus and diarrhea, vomiting and vomiting: ginseng (removal of reeds), Poria cocos (peeling), licorice (burning), and Atractylodes macrocephala in equal parts. The above is fine powder, two qian per serving, one cup of water, decocted to seven minutes, orally orally, regardless of time. Add a little salt, and you can also order white soup. ("The Prescription" Four Gentlemen's Soup)


Treatment of lung impotence, spit saliva without coughing: 4 liang of licorice (burned), 2 liang of dried ginger (pasted). Finely chop the medicine, boil it with three liters of water, take one liter of Wuhe, remove the water, divide the temperature and then take it. ("Synopsis of the Golden Chamber" Gancao Dried Ginger Soup)


Treatment of fever and cough: two liang of licorice, soaked in pig bile for five nights, drained to burn the incense, smashed into powder, refined honey and pills, as big as mung beans, after eating, take fifteen pills with mint soup. ("Shengji Zonglu" Liangge Wan)


Treatment of typhoid fever with intermittent pulse and heart palpitations: 4 liang of licorice (burned), 3 liang of ginger (cut), 2 liang of ginseng, 1 jin of rehmannia root, 3 liang of cassia twig (peeled), 2 liang of donkey-hide gelatin, Ophiopogon japonicus ( Heart removed) half a catty, hemp seeds half a liter, jujube (broken) thirty pieces. For the right nine flavors, take seven liters of sake and eight liters of water, boil the eight flavors first, take three liters, remove the water, remove the gelatin inside, take one liter warm, and take three times a day. ("Treatise on Febrile Diseases" Zhigancao Decoction, a Fumai Decoction)


Treatment of Shaoyin disease for two or three days, sore throat, not worse than Gancao Decoction: one or two bellflowers. Two taels of licorice. For the second taste, take three liters of water, boil one liter, remove the slag, and then take it warm. ("Treatise on Febrile Diseases" Bellflower Soup)


Treatment of insomnia, dysphoria, and heart palpitations: Licorice 1 cent, Shichangpu 5 cents to 1 cent. Decoction in water. One dose a day, divided into two orally. (Ganzhou, Jiangxi "Compilation of Simple and Proven Prescriptions of Herbal Medicine and Herbal Medicine")


Malaria treatment: two parts of licorice and one part of kansui. Grind together into fine powder, take one part two hours before the attack, put it on the navel, and stick it with adhesive tape or small plaster. (Xuzhou City "Unilateral Prescription New Medical Law Selection")


Governance of gastric and duodenal ulcers: (1) Corrugated seed five liang (calcined and ground into fine powder), one liang of licorice (ground into fine powder). Mix well, 2 qian per serving, 3 times a day. (Liaoning (Selected Information on New Chinese Herbal Medicine "Ganlensan") 2. Licorice powder 1.0g, egg shell powder 1.5g, Datura leaf powder 0.05g. Mix well, take before meals or when pain occurs, 3g per serving, daily Take it three times. (Liaoning "Chinese Herbal Medicine New Medical Method Material Selection" Ganke Powder)


To cure women's dirty and irritable, happy and sad, want to cry, and lack of counting: three liang of licorice, one liter of wheat, ten jujubes. For the upper three flavors, take six liters of water, take three liters, and divide it into three servings. Also make up temper. ("Synopsis of the Golden Chamber" Ganmai Jujube Soup)

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