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How to taste fresh ginseng after receiving it


How should I taste fresh ginseng after receiving it? Don't worry, the fresh ginseng eating strategy will be presented immediately!

—— Sliced and served

Wash the fresh ginseng thoroughly, cut it into 2~3mm thick slices on the chopping board, put it in the mouth directly to melt, and chew and swallow it when the ginseng taste becomes weak. This is not only the easiest way to eat fresh ginseng, but also a good way to quickly refresh your mind and activate your working state. According to historical records, the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty insisted on dissolving ginseng for one cent a day for health preservation.

Advantages: fast to take, fully preserved ginseng functional ingredients

Efficacy: Replenish vitality, quickly restore energy

- make tea

After slicing fresh ginseng, put 5-8 slices into a cup, pour into boiling water above 90°C, cover the cup and soak for about 5 minutes before drinking. You can also add red dates or goji berries together for a better taste. After drinking the ginseng tea, you can pour the ginseng slices into your mouth and chew, the nutrition and deliciousness are not wasted~

Advantages: easy to brew, rich ginseng aroma

Efficacy: Invigorate qi and kidney, enhance immunity

— Soak honey

Prepare a sealable glass jar and a bottle of honey in advance. Take 2~3 fresh ginseng slices and spread them evenly in the jar, pour a little honey until it just covers the top of the ginseng slices, cover the bottle and let it stand overnight. The next day, the nutritious and delicious ginseng powder is ready! The sweetness of honey can neutralize a little bit of bitterness in fresh ginseng, and together with ginseng, it can moisturize the lungs, eliminate phlegm, and nourish the skin. It is very suitable for consumption in dry autumn and winter.

Advantages: Fresh and tender taste, sweet and delicious

Efficacy: invigorate the stomach and eliminate food, moisten the lungs and nourish yin

—— bubble wine

For people who like to drink, ginseng wine brewed with fresh ginseng has many benefits. The method of ginseng wine is also very simple. You only need to wash and drain a whole fresh ginseng, put it in a glass container, add 1 catties of white wine with a purity between 50 and 60°C and soak it for about 10 days. If necessary, you can add Chinese wolfberry, Ganoderma lucidum, Morinda officinalis, Cistanche, Eucommia and other nourishing medicinal materials according to your preference to further strengthen the health benefits of ginseng wine, but you should be careful not to drink too much.

Advantages: It has both ginseng aroma and wine taste, suitable for drinkers who pay attention to health preservation, and prolongs the storage time of fresh ginseng in disguise

Efficacy: Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, improve cardiovascular function

—— stew

There are many kinds of ginseng stewing methods, and the soup culture related to ginseng is even more extensive and profound. Here I will introduce to you the most convenient and least-intensive ginseng soup method-cut fresh ginseng into thin slices with a thickness of 2mm and put them in a ceramic bowl Inside, fill with water and seal the mouth of the bowl, put the porcelain bowl in the stew pot and steam for about 2 hours, then drink the soup and eat ginseng. Those who like desserts can add 3-4 rock sugar to taste.

Advantages: fully absorb the nutrients of fresh ginseng, suitable for sharing with family members

Efficacy: Invigorate vital energy, restore pulse and solidify, nourish heart and calm nerves

Ginseng is relatively dry, which causes many people to get angry and unable to eat ginseng. It is recommended to eat ginseng immediately after opening the bag. Dryness, to avoid all kinds of "burning" heat symptoms and adverse reactions in the eaters.

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