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How to store ginger


①Wash, dry, and bury in the salt tank

②Put fresh ginger in a pot, jar or jar, cover it with 3 cm thick moist fine sand, and then cover it, it can be kept fresh for 1 to 2 months

③ Wash and dry the fresh ginger, then slice it, put it into a clean and dry screw-top can bottle prepared in advance, then pour in white wine, the amount of alcohol should be the degree that the fresh ginger slices have just been submerged, and finally cover and seal it, and take it as you eat , can keep fresh for a long time

④Wash, put some salt in a small plastic bag, do not seal, take it as you go, it can be kept for about 10 days

⑤ Soak the ginger in salt water for 1 hour, then take it out and dry it in the sun, put it in the vegetable storage compartment of the refrigerator, it can be stored for a long time and maintain its freshness

Four simple storage methods for ginger:

1. Closed storage Strictly select the ginger, leave the better quality scattered in the warehouse, cover it with straw bales, and store it. Then build a brick wall in the south direction of the warehouse, separate a small warehouse, and smear mud on the brick wall to block the brick joints, so as to prevent the cold wind from blowing in. Pile the ginger in the brick wall, and the height of the ginger pile is about 2 meters. A number of ventilators made of reeds are evenly placed in the pile to the top to facilitate ventilation. When stacking, there is no gap at the corner of the wall, and the middle can be slightly loose. Immediately after stacking, close the top with mud or straw bales. The storage warehouse should not be too large. Generally, it is advisable to stack about 5,000 kilograms per warehouse. The storage temperature is generally controlled at 18-20°C. When the temperature drops, the covering can be increased to keep warm; if the temperature is too high, the covering can be reduced to dissipate heat and cool down.

2. Pit burying is used to store ginger in places with a high groundwater level. The pit burial method is often used to store ginger. The depth of the pit is based on the principle that no water will come out. Generally, it is 1 meter deep, with a diameter of about 2 meters, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, and can be round or square. One pit can store about 2,500 kilograms. A straw handle is placed in the center of the pit, which is convenient for ventilation and temperature measurement. After the ginger is placed, the surface is covered with a layer of ginger leaves at first, and then a layer of soil. Later, as the temperature drops, the soil is covered in stages. The total thickness of the covering soil is 60 cm to 65 cm. In order to maintain a suitable storage temperature in the pile, the top of the pit is made of straw to prevent rain, and drainage ditches are set around it. A wind barrier is set up in the north to keep out the cold.

The management during storage requires both heat protection and cold protection. The temperature in the initial stage of entering the pit is easy to rise, and the pit mouth cannot be completely closed. Within one month, it is required to maintain a relatively high pit temperature, which needs to be above 20 degrees, and then it can be kept at about 15 degrees. In winter, the mouth of the pit must be sealed tightly to prevent the pit temperature from being too low. During storage, it is necessary to check whether the ginger has changed frequently, and there should be no water at the bottom of the pit.

3. Sediment burial The burial pit is made of bricks, stones, etc. in the warehouse or basement. The height is about 0.8 meters, the width is about 1 meter, and the length is not limited. When storing, lay a layer about 5 cm thick on the bottom of the pit. Put the sand with a water content of about 10% into several ventilators, and then put the selected ginger on the sand in the pit, one layer of ginger (four or five pieces of ginger thick) and one layer of mud, and pile it up to about 5 cm. Finally, cover with silt so that the ginger is not exposed to the air.

4. Store one layer of sand and one or two layers of ginger in the air-raid shelter, stack them into rectangular piles of 1 meter high and 1 meter wide, each pile weighs 1250-2500 kg, and in the middle of the pile stands a ventilation bundle with a diameter of about 10 cm tied with thin bamboo poles. Put a thermometer in the well to measure the stack temperature. The surroundings of the stack are sealed with wet sand. After the stack is sealed, the door of the cave is covered, and air holes are left on the hole to prevent cold wind from blowing in.

Preserving Ginger for Winter

The ginger you bought can’t be eaten for a while, and it’s easy to shrivel or rot after a long time. You can find a bottle with a large mouth and cover, and spread a piece of damp soft cloth on the bottom of the bottle (just wet, otherwise the ginger will be too wet It will be rotten), then put the ginger on a soft cloth, cover the bottle cap, and take it out whenever you need it, which is very convenient. Or put a layer of semi-wet sand at the bottom of the flower pot, put a layer of fresh ginger on top, and then bury it with sand, and often sprinkle some water on the sand to keep the sand moist, so that the ginger can be kept fresh for more than half a year. Be careful not to sand Too dry, or the ginger will shrivel up, and not too wet, or it will germinate easily.

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