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How to store fresh ginseng


1. Preservation in sandy soil: bury fresh ginseng in moist sand, it can be stored for many days without deterioration, or you can find a bigger box by yourself, put moist sand in it, and then bury ginseng in it.

2. Moss preservation: Pack fresh ginseng moss layer by layer and store in a cool place for short-term storage. It can be stored for 8-10 days at room temperature. This method can keep the nutrition and flavor of fresh ginseng for a long time.

3. Refrigerator storage method: First, clean the surface of fresh ginseng with a toothbrush, spray it with an appropriate amount of water, then wrap it with plastic wrap, pierce a few small holes, which is good for ginseng to breathe, and then put it in the refrigerator freezer at home , so that fresh ginseng can be stored for many days without deterioration.

4. Preservation method of soaking in wine: Scrub fresh ginseng with a toothbrush, dry the water, and put it in a white wine tank for brewing. Usually, 50 grams of ginseng can brew about 2kg of white wine. The white wine soaked with ginseng is very nourishing, and the ginseng inside will not deteriorate. You can take ginseng at any time when drinking ginseng wine. This is also an ideal way to preserve fresh ginseng.

5. Sun-dried preservation method: Clean fresh ginseng with a toothbrush and dry it in the sun. The best sun-dried time is between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm in fine weather, but ginseng should not be sun-dried for a long time After dehydration, put it in a dry and cool environment to air-dry, so that ginseng can be stored for about one year without deterioration, but the storage environment should be protected from moisture. It can be sealed with a plastic bag to isolate the air, and it can be stored in a cool place.

6. Ginseng honey slices: wash the ginseng with a toothbrush, drain the water; cut off the reed head and root hairs of ginseng, and cut the remaining part into 2-3mm evenly for later use; take a sealed container (no water inside), After putting the honey slices in, pour the honey until the honey completely covers the ginseng slices, you can stir it to make the ginseng slices and honey better contact, and cover it. It can be eaten immediately.

7. Preservation method of homemade red ginseng: scrub fresh ginseng with a toothbrush, drain the water; add water to the cauldron, put the steaming rack and the steamer with ginseng in place, and steam for about 2 hours on high heat to steam the ginseng thoroughly. After the cessation of fire, the temperature should be gradually cooled to avoid cracking of ginseng; put the steamed ginseng in the sun to dry. It can be dried during the day and dried at night, which can speed up the drying speed of ginseng. In case of bad weather, you can use high temperature drying (the temperature is about 70 ℃), and continue drying for about 5 hours.

There are tens of millions of fresh ginseng, and the first thing to keep fresh is the first one. If you make a wrong operation, the nutrition will be gone~ The preservation of ginseng is a technical job, but now we don’t need to worry about it, because there are already ginsenoside health care products. Ginsenoside is the main functional ingredient in ginseng. The Jinxing monosaccharide ginsenoside Rh2, which has a history of more than ten years, has also gained a good reputation. The high content of ginseng essence, supplemented by capsule preparations, makes the use of ginseng more efficient and effective. It's simple, and you don't have to worry about issues like keeping fresh ginseng fresh.

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