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How to eat ginseng so that it is not wasted


We know that ginseng is a very good tonic, and it is also a valuable tonic. If you don’t know how to eat such a good thing, and spend money to buy it but have no effect, wouldn’t it be a waste of money. The topic shared today is how to eat ginseng better.

There are four main ways to eat ginseng. The first thing to introduce is the easiest and easiest way to eat, that is, chewing, that is, eating it directly. After ginseng is cut into thin slices, it can be eaten directly in the mouth. It can not only produce fluid, but also refresh yourself. It tastes sweet and cool. It should be noted that chewing ginseng needs to be chewed carefully and slowly, instead of swallowing after a few chews. We try to chew out the essence of ginseng. Another way to eat it directly is to grind ginseng into powder and swallow it every day. Of course, for powdering, you need to prepare your own powdering equipment, or ask someone else to help you powder it, because dried ginseng is very hard, and it may not be easy to powder it with a general cooking machine. The amount to eat depends on the individual's physique, generally 1 to 1.5 grams each time is better.

The second way to eat it is to use ginseng to make tea. The method is to cut ginseng into thin slices, or directly use the fibrous roots of ginseng. The daily dosage is 1 to 3 grams. It can be put into a porcelain cup or a glass cup, and then brewed with boiling water, covered with a lid, and stuffy. It can be drunk in about 5 minutes, which is relatively simple and easy to eat.

Of course, the best way to eat is decocting, which is the traditional decocting method for decocting. You can take 2 to 10 grams of thin slices of ginseng, soak them in 200 to 400 ml of cold water for about an hour, and then put them in a casserole Heat it, wait for it to boil, then decoct it with low heat for about an hour, and decoct it into about 100ml before drinking. The active ingredients of ginseng are easily dissolved in boiling water, so there is no waste in this way of eating. This is the third way of eating.

There is a final method, which is to use ginseng to make wine. Alcohol can strengthen the medicinal power of ginseng. We soak ginseng with good shape and quality in white wine at 40 to 60 degrees, and drink it after a week. Although soaking ginseng in wine will dissolve less active ingredients than boiling it, but after soaking ginseng in wine, it can use the power of wine to exert greater medicinal power, so it is also a very good way to eat. In addition, friends who like food can also add some ginseng when stewing food. While enjoying the delicious food, it can also nourish the body and kill two birds with one stone.

Finally, let me tell you some precautions. Ginseng is only suitable for people with weak constitutions. It is not suitable for people with strong constitutions and heat in their bodies. In addition, if you eat ginseng, you can’t eat it every day. If you feel that your body is not weak, then you don’t need to eat it. Remember not to eat ginseng every day. Otherwise, it will be useless to eat ginseng when you really need it.

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