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How to eat ginseng is good


1. Efficacy of ginseng:

Greatly invigorate vital energy, restore pulse and solidify, invigorate the spleen and lungs, promote body fluid, and soothe the nerves.

Indications: Deficiency of the body, cold limbs, slight pulse, spleen deficiency, lack of food, lung deficiency, wheezing and coughing, thirsty body fluid wound, internal heat and thirst, chronic illness and weakness, palpitations and insomnia, impotence and uterine cold; heart failure, cardiogenic shock. It is used for shortness of breath, palpitation, forgetfulness, excessive thirst and sweating, lack of appetite and weakness, all acute and chronic diseases and shock and collapse caused by blood loss. Invigorate vital energy, solidify body fluid, soothe the nerves. Treatment of fatigue, fatigue, lack of appetite, lassitude, nausea and vomiting, slippery stool, cough and shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, palpitations, forgetfulness, dizziness and headache, impotence, frequent urination, thirst, metrorrhagia in women, chronic shock in children , and long-term deficiency, all evidence of insufficiency of qi, blood and body fluid.

2. Contraindications of ginseng (eight types of people use with caution):

1. People with strong allergies should not take it if rash occurs after taking ginseng. Do not take it when there is purulent inflammation.

2. Hypertensive patients are those with hyperactivity of liver yang, which can easily cause cerebrovascular accidents after taking it. However, hypertensive patients with deficiency and coldness can use ginseng, but the dosage should be small. When the systolic blood pressure > 180mmHg, no matter what type of patient Ginseng should not be taken.

3. Many people know that it is not advisable to drink tea and eat radish when eating ginseng, because these two foods have the effect of promoting qi, and ginseng can greatly nourish the vitality.

4. It is generally not advisable to take ginseng when you have a cold and fever. Because of severe palpitations during fever, taking ginseng will improve blood circulation, making palpitations worse and even aggravating the condition.

5. Ginseng should not be used for asthma syndrome due to sudden stagnation of breath, or dry throat caused by dry heat, hematemesis and epistaxis caused by impulse.

6. The edema caused by damp heat stagnation, the edema will be worse after taking ginseng. This is because ginseng has an antidiuretic effect. In addition, patients with renal insufficiency and oliguria should also use it with caution.

7. Those who suffer from insomnia and irritability should not take ginseng, otherwise they will sleep worse.

8. Anyone who is full of energy, body heat, slippery and strong pulse, constipation and excessive heat should not take ginseng.

3. How to eat ginseng

1. Sliced and served

Slicing and taking is the best way to eat fresh ginseng. It can ensure that the human body can absorb and utilize all the nutrients in fresh ginseng without any waste. It can make ginseng exert the best nourishing effect. To take it, you need to wash the fresh ginseng, cut it into thin slices of about 0.3 mm, and then put it directly under the tongue in your mouth, slowly swallow it, and finally eat the ginseng directly.

2. Steam clothes

The dehydrated dried ginseng sold in the market cannot be taken in slices. The best way to eat it is to steam it in water. You need to cut the dried ginseng into thin slices and put 2 to 3 slices in a stew pot. Add a small amount of water, cover the lid, then put it into a steamer, steam for half an hour after boiling, take it out, drink soup and eat ginseng slices.

3. Stewed Chicken Soup

I usually use ginseng to stew soup with native chicken, and the effect is also very good. It can only exert the nourishing effect of ginseng, and it can also allow the body to absorb more abundant nutrients. After washing, slice it, take 10 to 15 grams and stuff it into the belly of the local chicken, put it in a pot, add seasonings such as onion and ginger, and stew with water until cooked. You can also chop the local chicken into chunks and blanch it in boiling water, then take it out and stew it with ginseng slices. After stewing, eating meat and drinking soup is most conducive to the effect of ginseng.

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