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How to eat ginseng at home


Many people don't know how to eat ginseng at home and its taboos. Let me introduce it below.

(1) First, let’s talk about how to eat ginseng at home.

1. Take it by steaming. Take 3 grams of ginseng, put it in a container, add an appropriate amount of water, and use the water-repellent stewing method to steam and simmer for one hour. Drink the soup first, then eat the ginseng.

2. Containing clothes. Take ginseng powder or ginseng slices, no more than 3 grams, put it in your mouth, chew it, and send it down with warm water.

3. Soak in clothes. Take ginseng powder, ginseng slices, ginseng segments, etc., no more than 3 grams, put it into a cup, soak it in boiling water, and drink it after the temperature is suitable.

4. Soak in wine. Soak ginseng in white wine and drink it after 7-30 days.

5. Stew soup. Mix ginseng and other ingredients, stew and take.

(2) Contraindications for taking ginseng.

1. Newborns should not take ginseng. Newborns who take ginseng are prone to irritability, crying, convulsions, etc.

2. Normal children should not use ginseng or ginseng tonics. There may be early beard growth, penis enlargement, breast enlargement and other issues.

3. Young and middle-aged people with vigorous blood should not drink ginseng soup, as they are prone to dry mouth and nose bleeding.

4. People with thick and greasy tongue coating (white or yellow) should not take ginseng.

5. Middle-aged and elderly people generally should not take ginseng for a long time. Ginseng must be taken in moderation, a small amount (appropriate amount) for a long time, not excessive, and it cannot be thought that more is better.

"Materia Medica Fengyuan" has a comprehensive description of the usage of ginseng

"Everyone with white, yellow, or bruised face has insufficient spleen, lung, and kidney qi, so it can be used."

"A person with a red face or a dark face has a strong energy and a strong spirit, so it should not be used. The pulse is floating but thick and swollen, slow and weak, sinking and astringent, thin and weak, knotted or weak in the right joint, all can be used. If Strings are strong and tight, slippery numbers are vigorous, long and strong, or the right pulse is only solid, all of which are fire stagnation and internal solidity, and should not be used. Jiegu said that it should not be used for asthma and cough, because phlegm is strong and Qi is obstructed. Those who are short of breath must use it."

"Zhongjing said that it should not be used when the lungs are cold and coughing, because the cold and heat are stagnant in the lungs and coughing. If the cough is caused by sweating and aversion to cold, it must be used. Dong Yuan said that it should not be used when the lungs are stagnant and hot due to chronic illness. It is fire stagnation For internal use, it should be used instead of tonic. If the lung is deficient, the fire is exuberant, the breath is short of breath and spontaneous sweating, it must be used. Danxi said that the pain should not be used suddenly, because the evil energy is strong, and it should be dispersed, not tonic. Stomach weakness and pain. It is necessary to use it. It is necessary to use it for those who are fasting for yin deficiency and excessive fire and vomiting blood. It is blood deficiency and hyperactivity of fire, which can strengthen the food pulse. Taking ginseng will make the yang more prosperous and the yin disappear. .If you suffer from sweating, shortness of breath, cold limbs and weak pulse, you must use it."

According to Lu Jingming, the author of "A New Interpretation of the Essentials of the Golden Chamber", there are five major taboos in taking the human body:

Avoid using ginseng for cough, avoid using ginseng for pain, avoid using ginseng for cold, avoid using ginseng for fever, avoid using ginseng for blood loss.

"Chinese Materia Medica": "Patients with excess syndrome, heat syndrome and lack of righteousness should not take it. Anti-veratrum, fear of Wulingzhi, and evil acacia, should not be taken at the same time. Taking ginseng is not suitable for drinking tea and eating radish."

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