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How to choose high quality licorice when buying


Liquorice is a hardy plant found around the Mediterranean basin and in Asia and is famous for its sweet, aniseed flavor and the many active principles present in its roots which are collected after three years cultivation.


As a well-known Chinese herbal medicine, and its efficacy and role are well recognized by people. It can not only clear away heat and detoxify, but also can be used for symptoms such as carbuncle sores, sore throat, etc., and can also significantly enhance the curative effect of treating acute pain. Of course, these effects of licorice are directly related to its quality, the better the licorice, the higher its efficacy.


So, how to choose licorice when buying?


1. The color of licorice


The most direct way to distinguish licorice is its color. The higher the green degree of licorice, the higher the carotene content, the more nutrients, and the better the quality. Bright green licorice means that its nutrients have not been destroyed during storage, and it is high-quality licorice, light green licorice means better quality, yellow-brown licorice is inferior, and dark brown is obsolete licorice.


2. The smell of licorice


The licorice smell is generally produced during storage. Generally, the quality of licorice can be tested by smell. Good-quality licorice has a strong fragrance and no musty smell. Ordinary licorice has a lighter fragrance and generally has no musty smell. Poor-quality licorice has no fragrance, and the stems have Mild musty smell, poor quality licorice has a very strong musty smell.


3. Section of licorice


The quality of licorice is solid and heavy, the center of the cut surface is slightly sunken, slightly fibrous, powdery enough, with radial texture and cracks, and there is an obvious ring pattern and chrysanthemum heart on the section, and the cambium ring pattern is obvious. If the section has obvious fibrousness, it is fake licorice.


4. The texture of licorice


Qualified licorice has longitudinal wrinkles, grooves and lenticels, and sparse fine root scars.


5.Choose a reliable company


Choosing a reliable Chinese herbal medicine company to buy can effectively avoid buying fake licorice or low-quality licorice. Like the Hangzhou Botanical Technology Co., Ltd. which established in 2001, provides the highest quality medicinal licorice.


We implement strict quality control on raw material collection, production, delivery and storage stages. Furthermore, based on clients’ bespoke requirements, we also analyze the heavy metal, pesticide residue, and also other factors according to professional standards such as Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Japanese Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia etc., to ensure the safety of our final products.


The quality and effect of plants could be various due to different environments which they live in, e.g. sunshine durations and climates, etc. Hence the history and suitability of origins for botanical materials are extremely important. We commit to selecting authentic materials form their corresponding origins, taking customized requirements into accounts.


We have long-term co-operated farms for raw materials, monitor the whole procedure from cultivation to harvest and set out standards for material processing. We take detailed records on each step, which enables us to trace products from the very beginning to the end.

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