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How should ginseng root be eaten?


1. to hold in the mouth

Cut ginseng into thin slices. If you take red ginseng, you can first steam the red ginseng in a pot and then cut into slices. Take 2~3 slices each time, put them in your mouth and melt them. It is the easiest way to take it to cure diseases and prolong life.

Put the ginseng slices directly in your mouth, chew slowly, and melt the ginseng slices, which is called Shenghan in Shanghainese. Containing a small amount of white ginseng slices can strengthen, nourish, and prevent diseases, and it is still effective for oral and throat lesions.

2. soak

Put the ginseng slices into a bowl or cup, wash them with boiling water, cover them for about 5 minutes, and then drink them. Repeat the same method until the ginseng slices are gone, and eat them together.

Homemade ginseng wine is mostly used for strengthening, invigorating vitality, and prolonging life. One way of making it is: use 200 grams of fresh ginseng, add 1 kilogram of wine, soak it for three weeks, then take the wine and drink it.

3. Stew

Slice raw sun-dried ginseng, use 2~5 grams per day, put the ginseng slices into a porcelain bowl, add appropriate amount of water, seal the mouth of the bowl, place it on the steaming rack in the pot, steam it in water, and boil it on low heat for 20 minutes after the water boils. ~30 minutes. Take the ginseng juice first, then swallow the ginseng slices, take it half an hour before breakfast, and the effect will be very good if you take it even for a winter. The amount of food taken can be slightly increased or decreased according to personal physique and acceptance, and it is best to take it according to the doctor's advice. For the symptoms of exhaustion, a large dose of 15-30 grams can be used, fried rapidly with strong fire, boiled to get thick juice, and fed in several times.

4. Steam

Steaming method: Put 6-9 grams of ginseng, appropriate amount of water, and rock sugar in a porcelain bowl or ginseng jar, cover it, and simmer thoroughly over water. Drink the juice first, then eat the dregs.

5. cook

Put a piece of white ginseng into pieces and put it in a casserole, add water to boil until the white ginseng turns red and the water tastes bitter, then add a spoonful of honey and stir to combine the active ingredients of the two into one. This soup is called ginseng honey soup. Drink a large cup every morning, which can strengthen yang and cure diseases.

When is the best time to eat ginseng?

It is recommended to eat ginseng in the morning on an empty stomach. Chinese medicine believes that it is best to take ginseng on an empty stomach after rinsing your mouth in the morning, and then have breakfast after exercise, so that it can be absorbed without stagnation. Note: Ginseng should not be taken at night. Ginseng can promote the metabolism of the human body and can resist aging. Ginseng octinosides have a warming effect on the human body and can complement the body. However, ginseng has an excitatory effect on the cerebral cortex, and taking ginseng at night can easily lead to insomnia and fullness.

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