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Houttuynia Herb used for these


1. Improve the body's immunity: Houttuynia cordata can enhance the phagocytosis ability of WBC and increase serum properdin. When treating chronic bronchitis, the synthesis of houttuyniatin can significantly improve the phagocytosis ability of WBC to Staphylococcus albus. Serum properdin was significantly elevated. Rabbits were intramuscularly injected with Houttuyfonate 8 mg daily. After 3 days of continuous administration, properdin in the serum also increased significantly. Houttuynia cordata can improve the immunity of rabbits, which is of great significance to the treatment of infectious diseases.

2. Antibacterial effect: A yellow oily substance extracted from Houttuynia cordata has inhibitory effects on various microorganisms (especially yeast and mold), and is effective against hemolytic streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus, influenza bacillus, Catarrhus and pneumococcus have obvious inhibitory effect. It also has effects on Escherichia coli, Shigella, and typhoid bacillus. The artificially synthesized capricoyl acetaldehyde sodium bisulfite adduct is called synthetic houttuyniatin. The synthetic dodecanoylacetaldehyde sodium bisulfite adduct is called neoskin, which has obvious inhibitory effect on various bacteria in vivo and in vitro experiments: the MIC for Staphylococcus aureus and penicillin resistance is 62.5-80mcg /ml, 1.25mg/ml for influenza bacilli. On Pubai's liquid medium, it was 16mcg/ml for Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37RY strain. On the improved Sutong's semi-solid medium, it is 25mcg/ml, and its potassium salt is 12.5mcg/ml. Synthetic houttuyfotin isoniazone has a strong effect on TB bacilli, and its MIC is 0.78-3.1mcg/ml, and it is effective against TB-infected mice. It can significantly prolong the survival time, 1 mg intraperitoneal injection per mouse can prolong the survival period of mice by 62 days, and the curative effect of mixed feeding is better.

3. Antiviral effect: Cultured with primary monolayer epithelial cells of human embryonic kidney, Houttuynia cordata decoction (1:10) has inhibitory effect on Asian influenza A Jingke 68-1 strain, and can delay the development of orphan virus ECHO11 grow. Zhu Yutong reported: Several non-volatile oil fractions were obtained by extraction with ethanol. Among them, Houttuyfonate III has a preventive protective effect on influenza virus-infected mice, but has no obvious effect on EMC and HSV II, and the derivatives of synthetic Houttuyfonate also have strong antiviral effects. Houttuynia cordata extract (4g crude drug/ml) has obvious preventive and protective effect on mice infected with re-influenza virus. However, it has no obvious protective effect on encephalomyocarditis virus and herpes virus type Ⅱ infection. And it is proved that the anti-influenza virus components of Houttuynia cordata are not in the volatile oil part, but in the non-volatile matter.

4. Diuretic effect: Perfusing toad kidneys or frog webs with Houttuynia cordata extract can dilate capillaries, increase blood flow and urine secretion, thus having a diuretic effect. Its effect may be caused by organic matter. Potassium only plays an additional role of increasing diuresis. When it acts directly, it can weaken the activity of Leptospira - die - crack, and can also delay the onset of guinea pigs artificially infected with Leptospira.

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