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Houttuynia Herb Introduce


If you are a northern friend who has just arrived in the southwest, you should all find that there is a magical plant by the river in the south of our country, that is, Houttuynia cordata. This is a plant with a charming smell. The fishy smell inside made many friends in the north "avoid". It is hard to imagine that it is such a fishy plant. Are there some places in the south that grow large denominations to eat?

There is a "Houttuynia cordata" by the river. Friends in the north "can't avoid" Houttuynia cordata, but they are planted and eaten in the south!

Houttuynia cordata is popular in the south, especially in the southwest of our country. What kind of Houttuynia cordata puffs, Houttuynia cordata milk tea, Houttuynia cordata barbecue... Only you can't think of it, you can't do it without Houttuynia cordata, so friends who just came to the south have deep doubts about the local people's enthusiasm for this plant favorite. After all, Houttuynia cordata doesn't smell good, and I haven't eaten it. My friends, at least 80% of people feel nauseous when they first eat Houttuynia cordata, but strangely enough, after eating it, they feel the plant is really good. Why?

Southerners have a very long history of eating Houttuynia cordata. According to the book "Famous Doctor", Houttuynia cordata is widely distributed in the southern Jiangnan region. Jiang Zuo people especially like it. Eat it raw, as it has been found that people who eat Houttuynia cordata regularly are healthier. Because Houttuynia cordata is rich in nutrients and can fight common viruses, bacteria, and other substances, it can play a certain bactericidal effect. Therefore, in ancient times, people in the southwest region liked to eat Houttuynia cordata. As early as the 1980s, there was a large-scale Houttuynia cordata planting base in Guanghan, Sichuan, and it is still the largest Houttuynia cordata planting base in my country today.

So what is the charm of Houttuynia cordata? Next, Grandpa will introduce the role of Houttuynia cordata in detail, as well as some of its planting points.

The stems and leaves of Houttuynia cordata contain a lot of volatile oil. Although the chemical smell is unpleasant, the bactericidal effect is good, mainly chemical elements such as syringe ene, decanoylacetaldehyde, lauryl aldehyde, linalool, methyl n-nonyl methyl ketone, so Houttuynia cordata is also a natural plant Chemical fungicide! In addition, Houttuynia cordata can also enhance the phagocytic ability of white blood cells. A yellow oily substance extracted from Houttuynia cordata has good bactericidal inhibitory and bactericidal effects on microorganisms. Friends who are interested in chemical principles may wish to try to extract these components of Houttuynia cordata!

Houttuynia cordata as a family potted plant also has a relatively strong ornamental value. Friends who like it can also grow a few pots of Houttuynia cordata at home! Houttuynia cordata likes to grow in warm and humid places, so try to choose fertile, loose soil to grow Houttuynia cordata so that Houttuynia cordata can grow faster. Try to avoid the strong light of Houttuynia cordata and maintain a humid and ventilated environment. If the climate is too hot and too dry, remember to spray water in the morning and evening to keep the environment moist!

In the minds of southerners, Houttuynia cordata is a medicinal herb rather than a vegetable. Whether it's a salad, soup, or stir-fry, it tastes good! I don't know what your relatives and friends have different perceptions of this Houttuynia cordata. Welcome to leave a message and share below, let's see what magical effects this Houttuynia cordata has on your friends!

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