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Ginger Planting Prospects


Ginger has a wide range of uses. It is not only a condiment, but also edible and medicinal. It has a high health care effect on people, so its market situation is still relatively stable. And in recent years, with the development of my country's export trade, the annual export volume of ginger is also increasing. People are also paying more and more attention to health care, and various factors make the market demand for ginger more and more large. Moreover, the storage capacity of ginger is very strong, and we can adjust the sales volume at any time according to market demand. Therefore, the prospect of ginger planting is still very good.


Planting Benefits of Ginger


Due to differences in climate, environment and other factors, the output varies from place to place. However, the yield per mu is generally around 5,000kg, and the market for ginger fluctuates greatly. In recent years, the average price of ginger is about 8 yuan/kg. Based on this price, the output value of one mu is about 400 million yuan. Then, if the planting cost is subtracted, the planting benefit of an acre of ginger is about 30,000. Even if the market is not good, if it only costs 3 yuan/kg, the benefit per mu is still about 8,000 yuan.


If ginger is to be planted in a greenhouse, first select robust ginger species with 1-2 bud eyes, sterilize and sterilize them, soak the seeds to accelerate germination, then dry them, and plow the soil in the greenhouse to make the soil Loosen and form furrows, then sow the ginger seeds on the soil, cover the soil for permeable irrigation, and control the temperature in the shed later to avoid high temperature, apply appropriate amount of water and fertilizer, and provide sufficient light to make it germinate and grow.


1. Treatment of ginger seeds


Ginger planting should first select robust ginger with 1-2 small buds as ginger seeds, and then soak them in Junbic solution for wound disinfection. After soaking the seeds, take out the ginger seeds and put them in the germination box Carry out germination work, and urge strong buds.


2. Soil preparation and fertilization


To plant ginger in a greenhouse, the first thing to do is fertilize the site. According to the amount of 10 bags of bean lecithin microbial agent per mu, sprinkle the base fertilizer, and then rotate till it in time, and mix the stem base fertilizer with the soil fully. If it belongs to heavy cropping, or terminates other underground tuber crops and solanaceous crops, it is necessary to kill the pathogenic bacteria that have remained in the soil. Using 1-2 bags of Trichoderma harzianum per mu and mixing with soybean lecithin microbial agent into the soil can effectively prevent and control the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.


3. Ditching and ridging


Ginger planting requires ditching and ridge work. Depending on the variety of ginger planted, the standards for ditching and ridges are also different. For the planting of small yellow ginger in a greenhouse, the depth of the ditch is 28-30 cm, and the row spacing (furrow distance) At 55-65 cm, the ditching depth of Dajiang is also 28-30 cm, but the row spacing (ditch distance) is 68-70 cm. After ditching, in order to prevent and control underground pests and root-knot nematodes, 2-3 bags of clothianidin granules and 1-2 bags of P. lilacinium can be applied in furrows per mu, and the soil can be mixed evenly after furrowing.


4. Sowing and covering soil


Sowing ginger seeds on the soil is an important step in the technology of ginger planting in greenhouses. It is necessary to place the ginger seed buds in the ginger ditch with the eyes facing 2 o'clock, and then cover them with soil with a thickness of 4 o'clock. -5cm or so, and then perform a permeable watering, so that the ginger species can fully absorb nutrients and grow.


5. Post maintenance


In the later stage, the temperature in the greenhouse should be controlled. It is best to maintain a suitable temperature of about 20-28°C. If there is a high temperature of 35°C, ventilation should be carried out to reduce the temperature. Temperature promotes its growth, and after it germinates, take good care of it to make it grow strong.

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