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Food taboos of Panax notoginseng


Panax notoginseng powder is a star medicinal material in traditional Chinese medicine. It can whiten and remove freckles, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, detoxify and protect the liver, stop bleeding and disperse blood stasis, reduce swelling and relieve pain, anti-tumor, enhance the immune function of the body, delay aging, regulate blood sugar in both directions, reduce blood lipids, and cholesterol. , Inhibition of arteriosclerosis and other effects.


The usage of raw Panax notoginseng powder and cooked Panax notoginseng powder

Notoginseng powder can be divided into raw and cooked when used. Please distinguish carefully during use. Notoginseng powder is made of finely selected Notoginseng powder, which contains 21 kinds of saponin active substances, 17 kinds Amino acids, eleven kinds of trace elements, three kinds of anticancer active selenium and crude protein, etc. Performance: sweet, slightly bitter, dissipating blood stasis and hemostasis, reducing swelling and relieving pain.


(1) Indications for eating raw Panax notoginseng powder:


Blood stasis due to bruises, traumatic bleeding, postpartum haemorrhage, hematemesis, epistaxis and other blood disorders. And can prevent coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and so on. Raw usage: Take orally, -1.5 grams each time, apply appropriate amount to the affected area for external use. Avoid: Pregnant women should not take it.


(2) Cooked notoginseng powder Indications:


Invigorating blood, promoting blood circulation, used for weakness, loss of appetite, neurasthenia, excessive fatigue, blood loss, anemia, etc.


Cooked usage: It can be taken with chicken stew or broth, milk, and warm water. -5 grams each time.


Food taboo


1. Pregnant women are forbidden to use: women are forbidden to take Panax notoginseng powder during pregnancy. This is the same reason that pregnant women cannot take many western medicines.


2. During a cold: Panax notoginseng flower can not be taken during a cold and cold, because notoginseng flower is slightly cool in nature, which will aggravate the cold and cold. Sanqi powder is warm in nature, so it can be taken during a cold. If you suffer from wind, heat and cold, you should not take Panax notoginseng powder.


3. It is recommended to take Panax notoginseng powder regularly: long-term consumption of Sanqi powder can promote blood circulation, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, and treat liver fibrosis, etc.


4. Do not overdose: For a person with a normal physique, the total daily dose of Panax notoginseng powder is about 10 grams, divided into 2 doses.


5. Take in the morning: Take about 3 grams of Panax notoginseng powder in the morning, and take it with warm water. It has functions such as enhancing immunity and anti-aging.


6. Take at night: It is best to take Panax notoginseng powder before meals to help improve sleep. If you take it after a meal, please take a small amount, preferably no more than 3 grams. If you take it too much at night, it will have an exciting effect. It is best not to take Panax notoginseng powder before going to bed, because taking Panax notoginseng powder will make you thirsty.



  For people


1. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


2. People with high blood pressure and anemia.


3. Patients with various blood syndromes (hematemesis, hematemesis, hemoptysis, epistaxis, hematochezia, hematuria, stasis).


4. People with weak constitution and low immunity.


5. Non-menstrual and postpartum women.


6. Patients with burn scars, surgical scars, and keloids can also use it for those with scar constitution, which can inhibit scar hyperplasia.



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