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Classification of Notoginseng


Panax notoginseng is a very delicate plant that needs to grow under an artificial shade shed. The light requirement is only 10-20% of the natural light intensity. The water requirement is also very strict, neither too much nor too little . Therefore, in the growth process of up to 3 years, it needs people's careful management and careful care. If you are not careful, the whole army will be wiped out, and there will be no harvest. In the process of cultivating Panax notoginseng, people need to go through a series of management such as site selection, site preparation, sowing, planting, fertilization, and prevention and control of various diseases and insect pests, in order to obtain the joy of a good harvest. The land that has been planted with Panax notoginseng can only be planted again after more than 10 years of crop rotation.

After three long years, Panax notoginseng can finally be harvested. The best time to harvest Panax notoginseng is from September to November every year, which is around the Mid-Autumn Festival. The yield and quality of Panax notoginseng harvested during this period are high. According to the research results of experts, the total saponins, notoginseng, flavonoids and polysaccharides in Panax notoginseng from September to November had the highest content in the previous year. Sanqi must be processed immediately after harvesting. The processing method is to remove the aboveground stems in a clean place, wash the soil, and cut off the rhizomes, branch roots and fibrous roots. Then it is dried in the sun or baked at a constant temperature of 50-55°C, and then kneaded by hand, trimmed, graded, tested, and packaged.


Panax notoginseng is divided into grades according to quality: common panax notoginseng, pollution-free notoginseng, green notoginseng, and organic notoginseng. Organic notoginseng is the highest and best quality notoginseng.


1. What is organic panax notoginseng?


Organic Panax notoginseng refers to the land where the ecological environment quality meets the specified standards, no chemical synthetic substances are allowed to be used in the production process, and production, processing, transportation, warehouse management and packaging are carried out in accordance with specific production operating procedures. It has been certified and inspected by specialized agencies. Organic notoginseng is the one that reaches the organic food standard. Its safety and effectiveness are the highest, and it is the Panax notoginseng of the highest quality standard today.


2. Characteristics of organic Panax notoginseng


(1), the highest security (the lowest content of harmful substances such as pesticides and heavy metals)


(2), the highest content of active ingredients


(3) The product quality is the most stable


(4) Panax notoginseng has the most complete original ingredients (planted in the most suitable environment, and it is not easy to change its original ingredient state without using chemicals)


3. Organic certification system (organization)


Germany's BCS, Japan's JAS, America's NOP, and Switzerland's SGS are the most authoritative organic certifications in the world.


4. What is the difference between organic Panax notoginseng and ordinary Panax notoginseng?


Organic notoginseng avoids the loss of active ingredients in the process of processing in terms of standardization of processing technology, and factors such as mildew caused by moisture in notoginseng, so the active ingredients are relatively higher than those of ordinary notoginseng. Due to the strict requirements on the production environment and the absence of chemical fertilizers and pesticides during the cultivation process, the residues of pesticides and heavy metals are much lower than those of ordinary Panax notoginseng, reaching international standards, and even many indicators exceed the domestic standard.

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