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Characteristics of Notoginseng Medicinal Diet


Panax notoginseng medicated diet is an organic combination of medicine and food. It not only has the therapeutic effect of medicine, but also has the nourishing and satisfying effect of food. Its main features: taking the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine as the core, emphasizing the same origin of medicine and food, under the guidance of syndrome differentiation and treatment, fully applying the unity of nature, taste and function of medicine and food, maximizing the absorption and utilization of medicine and food, In order to achieve the purpose of health care, physical fitness, disease prevention and treatment.

(1) Panax notoginseng medicated diet is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, focusing on syndrome differentiation and treatment with great painstaking efforts. Combination of food and diet is a traditional therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is an important method in comprehensive treatment , combined with the theory of Materia Medica, adopt the method of syndrome differentiation and treatment to adjust the treatment method of nourishing. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body is a whole of man and machine, and man and nature are also an organic whole. The yin and yang in the human body should be balanced, and the qi and blood should be harmonized to ensure the health of the human body. Human beings live in the natural world and are born with the yin and yang energy of the heaven and earth, so they should adapt to the changes of the climate and environment in the natural world. However, due to abnormal changes in climate, excessive fatigue, too much mental pressure, uncontrolled diet and many other factors, it is easy to make the balance of Qi, blood, Yin, and Yang out of balance, and if it cannot be restored by itself, it will cause disease. Similarly, all kinds of animals and plants born in nature are also born by the yin and yang qi of heaven and earth, and have four qi and five flavors. Just like medicines, food also has eating properties. Regulating the imbalance of qi, blood, yin, and yang in the human body with the partiality of food and medicine is the root of the dietary therapy of notoginseng. The notoginseng medicated diet should be selected under the guidance of syndrome differentiation to achieve the expected effect. Only on the basis of correct syndrome differentiation, understand the lesions of different consumers, and choose different medicated diets in a targeted manner can achieve the goal. When using the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment, we should also pay attention to the influence of four seasons, climate and geographical environment on human physiology and pathology, and choose different notoginseng medicinal diets in different seasons. Spring should promote tonic, spring yang qi is born, the earth is revived, and all things grow upward. The bone and liver should be guided according to the characteristics of spring, and the method of tonic should be applied. Fully mobilize the Yang Qi of the human body to harmonize Qi and blood. Summer should be clear and tonic, summer is hot, fire evil is flaming and everything is luxuriant, and the heart should be used in the heart. According to the time of summer, the body's viscera are full of qi and blood, and light and heat-clearing products are used to regulate the body's yin and yang, qi and blood. Long summer should be light tonic, long summer is between summer and autumn, the weather is hot, the ground is humid and steaming, damp and hot are entangled, and the spleen should be used according to the long summer, so as to promote dampness and invigorate the spleen to achieve Qi Blood biochemistry is active. In autumn, it is advisable not tonic, yang qi recedes in autumn, yin qi grows, the climate is dry, and the lungs should be inside. At this time, the five internal organs have just been relieved from the vigorous metabolism in summer, and nourishment for the balance of yin and yang should be carried out to adjust the dysfunction of the internal organs in summer. Winter is suitable for warming and tonifying. The weather is cold this season, and the yang energy is stored deep in the kidneys. At this time, according to the characteristics of winter storage, warm and tonic products should be used to nourish the deficiency of yin and yang in the human body, so that the qi and blood in the viscera are strong and adapt to the environment. changes in nature. Throughout the year, no matter when, we must pay attention to the maintenance of spleen and stomach qi. The stomach is the acquired foundation, the source of qi and blood biochemistry. Only when the digestive and absorption functions of the spleen and stomach are good, can the medicinal diet be fully absorbed and transformed.

(2) Panax notoginseng medicated diet uses traditional cooking art as the means. The main raw materials of medicated diet are drugs and food. It must contain medicine in food, contain nature in taste, and integrate the efficacy of medicine and the delicacy of food. Therefore, it must go through exquisite cooking art as a means, with the help of traditional Chinese cooking methods such as stewing, braising, simmering, steaming, boiling, boiling, frying, stewing, and roasting. At the same time, according to the needs of the patient's body, the traditional Chinese medicine is adjusted and supplemented, and the material is selected. The selected traditional Chinese medicine should be processed, processed and separated and extracted according to the difference of the medicine, so as to ensure that the prepared medicinal diet not only has the color, aroma, taste and shape of general food, but also can enjoy delicious food at the same time. To achieve the purpose of curing diseases, health care and strengthening the body.

(3) The purpose of notoginseng medicated diet is to cure diseases, maintain health and strengthen the body. The main purpose of eating general diets is to eliminate hunger, maintain survival, enhance physical fitness, promote health and obtain a material enjoyment. The purpose of taking general medicines is to treat diseases. In addition to the above-mentioned two purposes, the main purpose of eating notoginseng medicated diet is to treat the sick, improve the health of the weak, and strengthen the healthy.

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