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Benefits of ginger for kids


"Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, and the doctor will prescribe it for free." This is a well-known saying, which just shows that it is suitable to eat more spicy foods such as ginger in summer. Some parents may wonder, ginger is warm in nature, but in summer it is so hot, isn’t eating ginger just adding fuel to the fire, heating it up? Actually otherwise, eating ginger in summer is very beneficial. What are the specific benefits? What should I eat? Today, I will talk to you in detail + prescribe, how to feed ginger to children in summer?

In summer, warm sun needs to eat ginger

Why is it suitable to eat ginger in summer? Summer is hot and high temperature, and Yang Qi floats outward, so the spleen and stomach in the body are in a state of relative deficiency and cold. In addition, children like to eat ice and drink cold, and stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, which will easily cause cold evil to invade the human body, damage the spleen and stomach, and damage Yang Qi. At this time, give the child a proper amount of ginger, which can warm the spleen and stomach, help Yang Qi rise, and prevent diseases. It is suitable to eat a little ginger in summer. What are the specific effects?


Nature and flavor: pungent in taste, slightly warm in nature.

Return through: return lung, spleen, stomach meridian.

Efficacy: Relieving the exterior and dispelling cold, warming the middle to stop vomiting, warming the lung and relieving cough.

In summer, if your child has no appetite, you can put some ginger in the usual cooking, which can have an appetizing effect.

Speaking of ginger, people will think of its effect of dispelling cold. When you accidentally catch a cold and prepare to catch a cold, drink a bowl of hot brown sugar ginger water in time to dispel the cold in time and prevent colds.

It should be noted that although ginger is suitable for eating in summer, not every child can eat it. Children under the age of 2 and children with signs or symptoms of "hot air getting angry" are not suitable for eating ginger.

Parents will ask why my child gets angry when he eats ginger? Parents are advised to observe the following 3 points and make adjustments in diet and feeding:

① Does the child have symptoms of heat, such as red tongue with less coating, dry lips and tongue, throat discomfort, slight foreign body sensation, severe heat influence, etc., but the parents did not notice that the heat was caused by feeding warm food fire.

② Is it because the amount of food has been fed too much in the past few days, and the child accumulates food and turns into heat, rather than the heat caused by ginger itself.

③ Is there too much ginger sliced? Generally speaking, as long as a family's soup is for children, ginger slices should not be added more than 3 slices; when cooking, ginger slices should not exceed 5g.

Eat ginger for children in summer and make good use of 6 ginger diets

There are many dietary treatments of ginger. The simplest method is to add a few slices of ginger and garlic when cooking, cooking soup, and porridge. Yang, the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood. There are also the following dietary prescriptions about ginger recommended to parents.

daily health care

Attention, even if it is daily health care, we must also pay attention to controlling the total amount of warm and spicy food that children eat. The following diet with ginger should not exceed 3 times a week. For example, the child is in good health recently. He drank ginger juice soy milk on Monday morning, ginger jujube tea at noon on Wednesday, and eel rice with ginger juice on weekends. He does not need to deliberately "supplement ginger" at other times, so as to control eating ginger.

If you find that your child will get angry if he eats a little more ginger every week, then the amount of consumption should be reduced accordingly. Parents need to adjust this according to the individual situation of the child. Common ginger-flavored foods that taste good and children like are:

Xu Youjia Parenting Hall·Diet Therapy-Ginger Soymilk

Materials: 5g ginger slices, 50g soybeans.

Method: Soak soybeans for 8 hours, wash and drain, pour into a soymilk machine, add ginger slices, pour in an appropriate amount of water, and blend into soymilk; after filtering the residue, season with a small amount of sugar for drinking. No more than 3 times a week.

Efficacy: dispelling cold and warming yang, appetizing and invigorating spleen, warming qi and blood.

Applicable age: 2 years old and above when digestion is good and there is no pain and fever syndrome, take a small amount and divide it several times. Faba bean disease can be taken.

Xu Youjia Yuertang Diet Recipe - Ginger Jujube Tea

Materials: 2 pieces of ginger, 2 pieces of pitted red dates. Right amount of brown sugar (brown sugar and rock sugar are also available).

Method: Put ginger slices and jujubes into the pot, add about 5 bowls of water, bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes, then add appropriate amount of brown sugar to taste, and substitute for tea. No more than 3 times a week.

Efficacy: Dispelling cold and warming the heart, invigorating qi and nourishing blood.

Applicable age: 2 years old and above when digestion is good and there is no pain and fever syndrome, take a small amount and divide it several times. Faba bean disease can be taken.

Xu Youjia's Parenting Hall·Diet Recipe-Ginger Sauce Eel Rice

Materials: 1 eel, 20g ginger juice, 5g chopped green onion.

Method: deboned and viscerated eel, sliced, marinated for a while; cook rice in a rice cooker, 20 minutes before the rice is cooked, pour eel and ginger juice on the rice surface, continue to steam for 20 minutes; finally add chopped green onion and mix well . 1 time per week.

Efficacy: Invigorate qi and nourish blood, dispel dampness and dispel cold.

Applicable age: over 3 years old with good digestion, no pain and fever syndrome, take a small amount and divide it several times. Faba bean disease can be taken.

exogenous cold

At the early stage of the child suffering from external wind and cold, when the child has not yet felt it, you can give the child a bowl of scallion white brown sugar ginger water in time. Scallion and white sweat relieve the surface, ginger relieves the surface and dispels cold, and brown sugar that warms the stomach and dispels cold can play a role in dispelling wind and dispelling cold:

Xu Youjia Parenting Hall·Diet Recipe-Scallion White Brown Sugar Ginger Water

Materials: 3 white onions, 2 slices of ginger, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

Method: Put white onion and ginger into boiling water and cook for 15 minutes, then add brown sugar to taste.

Efficacy: dispelling wind and cold.

Applicable age: 3 years old and above, take a small amount and take multiple times. Faba bean disease can be taken.

child vomiting

Ginger is also known as the "Holy Medicine for Vomiting", so when a child vomits, using ginger can have an anti-vomiting effect. If the child's vomiting is caused by eating raw or cold food or being exposed to cold and wind, you can take dispelling cold and anti-vomiting porridge; and if the child's vomiting is due to disharmony between the liver and stomach, you can use Bergamot Ginger Decoction to calm the stomach and relieve vomiting.

Xu Youjia Yuertang Diet Therapeutic Prescription - Dispels Cold and Stops Vomiting Porridge

Materials: 5g ginger, 5g brown sugar, 30g rice.

Method: put the rice into the pot, cook until the rice porridge is soft and rotten, add ginger, and cook for another 10 minutes.

Efficacy: expelling cold, warming middle-JIAO, stopping vomiting.

Applicable age: 2 years old and above, take a small amount and take multiple times. Faba bean disease can be taken.

Xu Youjia Parenting Hall·Diet Recipe - Bergamot Ginger Soup

Materials: 10g of bergamot, 3g of ginger slices, 5g of white peony root, appropriate amount of sugar.

Method: Put the ingredients into the pot, add about 4 bowls of water, cook for 1 hour, add sugar to taste.

Efficacy: Disperses qi and broadens the chest, harmonizes the stomach and relieves vomiting.

Applicable age: 3 years old and above, take a small amount and take multiple times. Faba bean disease can be taken.

The above is today's small guideline on how to feed ginger to children correctly in summer.

Eating ginger in summer is to use a relatively mild diet for children to protect the body from radiating yang energy. By the time of the autumn freezing season, children will have enough yang energy to survive the winter. Relatively speaking, they will not be so easy to get sick, and parents can also spend less time on snacks. This also reminds parents that each season has its own seasonal and suitable food The so-called "eat buds in spring, melons in summer, fruits in autumn, and roots in winter" is also the same principle.

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