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A few common ginseng-related questions


A few common ginseng-related questions:

1. Can ginseng be eaten raw?

"Ginseng can be eaten raw, and it has no obvious side effects. Wash the ginseng directly, chew it like eating a radish, and it tastes fresh and juicy. But the effect of eating raw is average, and its medicinal ingredients are difficult to be digested by the stomach. Absorption, leading to poor efficacy, it is recommended to eat after processing or processing. Ginseng is processed or processed, the drug ingredients inside are easier to be separated out, easier to be absorbed by the body, and the drug effect is better."

2. Can I eat ginseng in summer?

Ginseng can be eaten in summer, as long as the tongue coating is neither white nor thick, nor yellow nor hot. But which kind of ginseng to eat in summer is chosen according to a person's physical condition. Red ginseng is not suitable for hot people to eat in summer, because red ginseng's sexual heat and summer heat plus body heat will have a great reaction. If you have a cold body, it is best to eat red ginseng in summer. Red ginseng has the best effect of warming the sun in the dog days. Life has the functions of strengthening the body, improving the immune function of the body, and preventing the onset of chronic diseases in winter, and can treat winter diseases in summer.

3. Can pregnant women eat ginseng?

Whether pregnant women can eat ginseng varies from person to person. If a pregnant woman is weak, she can eat some ginseng to help improve her own immunity and resistance, and it can also increase appetite. However, if you have entered the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, it is best not to eat ginseng, because ginseng has an "anticoagulant" effect, especially for pregnant women before delivery, so as not to cause and increase postpartum hemorrhage.

4. Can ginseng and reed head be eaten?

Ginseng reed head actually refers to the rhizome of ginseng, which is mostly used as an emetic drug in daily life. It is also used in the treatment of various debilitating diseases such as acute gastroenteritis. But we all know that it is an emetic drug, and sometimes there may be some adverse reactions when taken. If you use ginseng and reed head, it is recommended to be under the guidance of professionals.

Although ginseng reed head has certain medicinal value, its contraindications cannot be ignored. After taking it, it is taboo to eat various seafood and drink strong tea, because this may directly affect the medicinal effect of ginseng reed head. And if there is no problem with good health, it is not recommended to abuse ginseng and reed head.

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